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The Intro Video (not that one)



This will have to tide you over on this, the last Saturday before football begins. Thanks to everyone who reads and supports the blog. I’ve been waiting for next week for a long, long time.

This is the media day intro video (as you can see by the title) and seems to be an oranged out extended version of what the team comes out to on Saturdays.

Favorite parts

0:32 – Weeden in the shadows of Darrell K. Royal getting ready to dispose of a 66-year old monkey our school had on its back.

0:52 – Kendall doing Kendall things.

1:00 – If you look closely the Texas sideline goes bananas. Garrett completed a pass!!!!! This kills me every time.

1:36 – Blackmon silencing the entire city of Lubbock.

2:13 – Video editor deserves a raise for that one.

2:22 – I don’t know why but the fact that the song says “and Joseph Stalin!” while Gilbert is blazing across the 50 en route to the west endzone is perfect.

3:58 – It’s becoming a normal part of his repertoire.

4:03 – Goodness, Joseph.

Overall I don’t love the old-school orange tint because it makes everything look red-ish, but this video is awesom. I keep harping on it but the guys who run the OSU YouTube account are just phenomenal.

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