The Mike Gundy lawsuit is getting (even more) comical

Written by Kyle Porter

You all know by now that Mike Gundy is being sued for firing a guy for wearing an OU shirt while working on his house. I’m disappointed nobody has actually embraced the fact that, you know, a guy in an OU shirt is working on an OSU grad’s house…but whatever.

These two facts emerged earlier this week, both of which I found highly comical (no commentary necessary):

  • The shirt. Haha.

  • ChanceDM

    What was Gundy’s degree anyway?

    • Billie

      A masters in Hot Headedness

      • If he’s a man, then he’s hot headed…

        • Cowboy-KS

          Gundy has a Master’s in Firing Stupid.

          Guess wearing an OU shirt is NOT the way to strike up a convo with Mrs Gundy…