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The Morning Fade – 1.14.11



Chatmon on recruiting uncertainty – “The majority of the Cowboys class of 2011 will be en route to Stillwater for their official visits this weekend. And with so much uncertainty surrounding the coaching staff, coach Mike Gundy will have to answer some tough questions.” At least JW Walsh is already in class and didn’t pull an A-Rod at Miami.

Ubben on the ripple effect Weeden and Blackmon will have – “They didn’t say it, but with a defense that made improvements over the second half of the season, Weeden and Blackmon’s announcement also served as notice that Oklahoma State would once again be a contender for the Big 12 title. But that’s just 2011. Weeden and Blackmon’s decision could have a major impact on the future of Oklahoma State football, perhaps well beyond 2011. We’ll find out the name of the new offensive coordinator soon, but there’s a good chance it will be more attractive than if Weeden and Blackmon had said bye-bye.”

Andy Staples has OSU at #19 for 2011 – In his defense that was before he knew Blackmon and Weeden were coming back although he still has three Big 12 teams ahead of them. Bottom line: if OSU is the 4th best Big 12 team in 2011 then it’s going to be a crazy year.

Rivals has Marshall Moses as the 15th best PF in the country – I don’t really have a great argument against this other than it just seems a little low for somebody leading the Big 12 in career double-doubles.

In case you haven’t see Oregon’s new court – I’m undecided about whether this is the coolest court in the country or the most atrocious. I’m leaning towards the latter but it doesn’t feel like there’s any space to land in between those two.

Everyone is raving about Luke Winn’s latest power rankings – With good reason too, I think he put more time into those than I have into this entire site combined (that’s not true). The bits on A&M, Texas, and Kansas are really good.

Bill Hancock on the redemption of the BCS – I have so many thoughts on this that I’ll have to make it its own post. Also, am I the only one who didn’t know Bill Hancock was Will Hancock’s dad?

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