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The Morning Fade – 1.25.11



Here’s the update on the basketball ticket situation. It’s interesting that Holder won’t budge on the season ticket issue for premium football games but totally caved on this. It’s a good move, and the right one. Better to have a full stadium at half the price than a half-full stadium at the full price. You’re still getting the same amount of cash. I respect the decision, he stepped up, now the fans need to respond.

OSU releases its 2011 baseball schedule – The non-conference portion isn’t real stout outside of visiting Ohio St. and hosting TCU, but hey, gotta get those Ws over St. Gregory’s and Bryant to get in the tournament.

NewsOK on the new RB coach – Gundy said, “[Kasey Dunn is] a good recruiter and he can continue to instill toughness (in the running backs).” Well that’s great but I’m going to need him to be an “on Herschel Sims’ doorstep with flowers for his mom and all the new Nike gear he can possibly pile into his car” kind of recruiter.

Andy Glockner has OSU “in the mix” in his latest bubble watch – “The Pokes have some home dates coming up with which to get a couple of notable wins, but they’ve been so poor on the road that they could scratch those out with a couple of bad Ls, too.”

Joe Lunardi has OSU in his first four out – Whatever, this will probably change every week for the rest of the season. Just get to nine conference wins.

The NCAA has a soul!

Remember the Ten Articles
Rick Barnes with a classy Remember the Ten statement – “It’s an emotional time, and it should be an emotional time. Families lost loved ones. There will always be a void there. I really want to respect that, and I certainly honor that. Some (Texas players) may not know exactly what it’s about, but we talked about it and will continue to talk about it, because I want them to understand what happened.”

Sittler with a good Bill Hancock profile – It would be a lot easier to rip apart the BCS if Hancock wasn’t the one running it.

Gottlieb with a phenomenal piece on remembering the ten – This is older and most of you have probably seen it, but it’s worth a re-read, especially this week.

More Remember the Ten stuff coming later today, including a pair of guest posts.

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