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The Morning Fade – 1.27.11



(a sad day for everyone, say a prayer for the families today)

Berry Tramel with a great article about last night – “You kept waiting for Gallagher-Iba Arena to explode. Blow the top off the grand palace, just like the old days, when Eddie Sutton’s defense would boil and Desmond Mason would dunk a 40-foot Doug Gottlieb pass and some stout Big 12 foe would slink out of town bloodied and bowed. Blow the top off like that night 10 years ago, when OSU got back in the basketball business with a rousing victory over Missouri in the first game after the plane crash. But the Texas Longhorns would have none of it. The roof stayed on.”

I think this picture sums up everything I love about OSU and I don’t even really know why.

Ford had an interesting quote after the game to News OK – “There could be some lineup changes. Could be style of play. I talked to my coaches briefly about it a while ago.We’re not a good shooting team. We don’t make shots when we’re out there practicing shooting. We need to pick it up.” The problem with this is that OSU doesn’t have enough guys to really to have a full team makeover. Tech should be interesting nonetheless.

Somebody still cares.

Good stuff from Mark Rosner in the Austin-American Statesman – “The Longhorns brought 10 bouquets of flowers that were placed at a memorial inside Gallagher-Iba Arena. But mostly, the Longhorns said, they brought effort. ‘The only way to honor those people is to come here and play hard,’ Longhorns guard Dogus Balbay said.”

Some great, rational points in this post by Ubben about why OSU shouldn’t and won’t hire Leach as OC.

I thought we were done with the tear-jerkers but then Kyle Fredrickson went and wrote this about Karen Hancock and her daughter Andrea. It’s my second favorite RT10 story behind the OTL on Fleming.

I don’t really trust “reported” 4.35s, but still.

Just how close were we to having Clint Chelf throwing deep balls to Michael Harrison all Spring? Probably closer than you thought.

Non-OSU but Andy Staples wrote a letter to Mark Zuckerburg imploring him to shut down Facebook for the next week. It’ll probably make you want to take a shower.


Here’s the entire halftime in case you haven’t seen it. Gottlieb was phenomenal, all night really, but especially here. And, as always, Desmond just gets to me. The shot of Andrea Hancock in the RT10 section losing her mind and fist-pumping him was outstanding:

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