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The Morning Fade – 1.28.11



Pretty intense Jenni Carlson story on Herschel Sims. I didn’t realize the kind of upbringing he had. Good for him to emerge from a terrible situation relatively unscathed with a bright future ahead of him. And forget I wrote any of this next week when he signs with Baylor.

Chatmon is doing a great job profiling the 2011 recruiting class on his blog.

Ubben with some good stuff on Leach and moving Bedlam to Cowboys Stadium next year. And to whoever “Dennis in Irving” is — moving Bedlam to Arlington is about as likely (and smart) as going with Stephen McGee as QB1 next year.

Professor @billhandy tweeted “Oh my gosh they’ve killed Pistol Pete” about this picture. I laughed.

More Ubben with the Big 12’s most improved players from 2010 – “1. Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. Seriously, Blackmon deserves a gap between himself and the rest of the league. He went from a guy almost nobody outside Stillwater had ever heard of to the best player in the league in one season. The list of guys who have done that is extremely short.”

Chilling recount of the crash night from Dirato. His unabashed love for Eddie is clear…and warranted.

Really sad story here from The Dagger on Kansas’ Thomas Robinson.

Some great, albeit sobering pictures in this post by the Daily OK.

Enjoy your Friday night. Mrs. Pistols and I are going up to hear Burns speak at Bent Tree Country Club tonight thanks to an invitation from reader @mattwils8. Back in the morning with a video and Tech preview.

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