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The Morning Fade 11.23.10



Jenni Carlson on bedlam – “But let’s be honest — these offenses are going to score on these defenses. The offenses are too good, the defenses too average. Aliens are more likely to land on the 50-yard line at Boone Pickens Stadium than for one of these teams to score a shutout Saturday.” How is this woman employed by a credible news outlet?

Interesting ticket update from NewsOK – Remember back in August when we thought Holder was out of his mind for charging $125 a head for Bedlam (the most expensive face value ticket in college football this year)? $125 looks like a deal now.

Good stuff from Chatmon on OSUs 3 RBs – We were talking about next year and how it’s going to suck not to have Kendall yada yada yada. BUT, no offense to Kendall since he’s probably one of the 5-6 best RBs we’ve ever had at OSU (and that’s saying something), if Herschel Sims mans up and comes and we’re running him, Randle, and Smith out there for 60 minutes at a time? Well, I’m not real worried about that…

John Helsley reporting on Blackmon’s boot – Funniest line from Weeden about what was going through his head when he saw JB down on the goal line in Lawrence “I’d say it but I’d cuss.” Me too Brandon, me too.

Cory McCartney has Blackmon 4th on his Heisman ballot – I wonder how/if this would be different if we were undefeated. It probably wouldn’t change much but might vault JB over Kellen Moore. At the very least I just hope he gets to go to NYC, he deserves that.

Stewart Mandel has OSU in the Fiesta – “Moving Oklahoma State into my BCS lineup had a bizarre, unintended consequence: It knocked Texas A&M, the hottest team in the Big 12, all the way down to the Holiday Bowl. Here’s how. The Cotton can’t do an Aggies-Arkansas rematch, so in goes Oklahoma. The Alamo will want to grab Nebraska before it leaves for the Big Ten. And the Insight took too much flak for bypassing Missouri last year to do it again. However, if Arkansas beats LSU next week and goes to the BCS, you can scratch everything I just wrote and put A&M (assuming it beats Texas) in Dallas.”

Good stuff from Ubben on OSUs destiny – “Now, all that’s stands between the Cowboys and a first-ever trip to Dallas for the Big 12 Championship are the Sooners from the south. As it should be. For Oklahoma State, the only thing better than a trip to the title game would be denying its in-state rival its own chance. This time, the full-strength Cowboys host the Sooners in Stillwater, with America ready to see them tangle in primetime, College GameDay on campus and history to be made. It’s all there for them. We’ll find out on Saturday if the Cowboys can reach out and grab it.”

Oh, yeah we run cross-country too! – If you haven’t seen the new home page, go look at it. First to 50.

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