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The Morning Fade – 12.1.10



Really cool summary of the 2010 regular season for OSU – Hopefully that list isn’t done. By the way, is Blackmon not a “Heisman Candidate”? I saw in this article where Robert Griffin got a letter in the mail from the Heisman Trust which, I think (?), makes him a Heisman candidate. Didn’t Blackmon get the same letter?

Chatmon on Blackmon as POY – “The Big 12 Conference has been the home of several elite receivers during its 15 seasons of existence. Rashaun Woods, Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree, Mark Clayton, Ryan Broyles and Jeremy Maclin will always be among the best receivers to ever play in the league. None of them accomplished what Justin Blackmon did on Tuesday.”

Helsley saying what I said on Sunday – “Bottom line: the offense’s hit-and-miss struggles overtaxed the defense, contributing heavily to the ugly numbers and two late backbreaking big plays by the Sooners. Yes, the Cowboys D could have helped itself getting off the field, especially on third down. But it was a weary defensive unit trying to survive, which it did for much of the game, while waiting for the offense to fire.”

Helsley with an interesting take on Gundy’s leadership – We could go back and forth all day on Gundy but he’s done a phenomenal job to get OSU to 10-2 and where we’re competing for conference titles. But, I guess I haven’t really seen this? He’s hired all the right people and run the program the right way, but as far as being a Churchill-esque leader? Ehh..

Ubben on Blackmon as POY – Nebraska sent out a stat — last week or a bit earlier, I believe — that he had been thrown at 40 times this year, and gave up 11 receptions. Five of those came via the Offensive Player of the Year Justin Blackmon. That’s impressive.”

A&M is going to the Cotton Bowl – I’m not even mad. Tannehill can go get his head taken off by LSU or Alabama and we’ll gladly go roll over Michigan in the Insight or Washington in the Holiday. They deserve it, they’re probably playing better than us right now and it’s a nice consolation prize to getting shut out of the Big XII title game despite having beaten both teams in it.

CBS has the BIG XII as the 2nd best conference – “It makes the jump this week past the Big Ten. Four teams here with 10 wins and another with nine. That’s a more competitive top tier than the Upper Midwest league can boast. Also, it has the best record vs. other BCS teams. The downside? The 12 teams combined to play only a dozen games against other BCS-league programs.”

For your daily “oh yeah, we still play basketball” reminder – OSU vs. Arkansas Central at 7PM tonight at GIA

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