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The Morning Fade – 12.13.10



Chatmon puts Holgorson to Pitt probability at 40% – Defcon 2 approaching. I hear Major Applewhite’s available these days.

Tramel making an inadvertent case for a playoff – What’s it going to take people? You think if OU was playing UConn in the first round at Gaylord-Memorial that baby wouldn’t be sold out? There’s so much money left on the table it’s retarded.

OSU routs Missouri State on Saturday – Your daily “Yes, we still play basketball” reminder. We’re going to win a lot of games when our bench outscores theirs by 36 points.

Matt Baker points out how important the Blackmon, Weeden, Holgorsen trio is – “Let’s assume OSU’s scoring spikes as much as it did in Holgorsen’s second year with the Cougars. That average – 46.5 points per game – would be the sixth-highest figure by a BCS team since 1999.”

Blackmon finishes 5th in Heisman voting – I can’t get a single vote for Weeden? Really?

How about Gene Frenette voting Blackmon #1 on his ballot – Somebody get this guy a job at the Oklahoman.

Look who broke the Muschamp to Florida story – Hopefully this is the precursor to Pistolsfiringblog breaking the “Bill Self to OSU story” in 2014.

Ubben with a good writeup on Muschamp to Florida – “Florida took a leap of faith by hiring the 39-year-old first-time head coach, but there may not be a coordinator in the country more ready for his first stint, even if it’s at Florida. Remember, Oklahoma took a chance once, too. In 1999, it took a leap of faith on some 39-year-old guy named Bob Stoops who was coordinating the defense at Florida and had never been a head coach, either.”

Also, Malzahn to Vandy – This can’t possibly NOT affect Auburn for the title game even if he stays through January. Cam is probably enough to overcome it but this at least makes things interesting. Congrats to Malzahn by the way, he seems like a good guy and has been a phenomenal coach.

EVERYBODY is making money off Cam – I won’t launch into full-fledged “this is why players should be paid” mode but…well…this is just another nail in the coffin.

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