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The Morning Fade – 12.15.10



Chatmon with some rational insight into the future – Notice how there’s no mention of Mike Leach, no mention of getting rid of this offense, and no “the sky is falling, Blackmon is going pro” talk (you can find the “Blackmon is going pro talk here at Pistols Firing!). When Gundy says “I’m learning just like the players” does that inspire confidence in an organization, or nooo? Finally, WVU isn’t messing around with the $500k bump which turns into $2M in 2012 — I really can’t blame Holgorsen, I’d leave too. Well, I wouldn’t because I’d coach at OSU for $20k a year but, hypothetically, I’d leave too.

Hunter and Blackmon AP All-Americans – Bad that this gets boring after a while?

Nice Holiday story from – Not to be confused with a nice Holiday Bowl story, of which we’ve had many.

Funny, interesting comparison between Holgorsen’s offense and Leach’s – “Holgorsen is also less patient than Leach, however, because the (relatively, at least) greater willingness to run sets up more downfield throwing opportunities. Hal Mumme’s philosophy for the Airraid was ‘throw the ball short to people who score.’ I think Dana Holgorsen’s philosophy has been shortened to simply ‘score.'” And you would think right.

Dallas Morning News on J.W. Walsh’s future – “Denton Guyer QB J.W. Walsh and WR/DB Josh Stewart will honor their oral commitments to Oklahoma State, according to comments they had today. ‘I’m 100 percent solid on OSU still,’Walsh told the Denton Record-Chronicle. ‘I talked to Coach Gundy today and they’re still gonna be the same Oklahoma State. I understand when opportunities present themselves to coaches, it’s a business for them and they’re gonna go for what’s best for them. I can only wish him the best and hope things go well for him because he taught me a lot and he hooked me up with a pretty sweet deal at OSU. I have no negative feelings toward him. He’s doing what’s best for him.'”

Sports Illustrated’s All-Americans – Interesting that the first team kicker wasn’t even invited to the Lou Groza presentation. Although it’s equally interesting that I’m discussing the relative merits of two Big XII (excuse me, one Big XII and one Big 10) kickers. Let’s move on.

Strange (and funny) of an imagined exchange between Stewart and Holgorsen – I can’t even properly explain this, you just need to read it.

Oregon’s title game uniforms – Not going to lie, I was expecting more from the folks in Eugene. As, my boy Nolo said though, “The funny thing is those are tighter than anything 99.9% of the nation has ever rolled out in.  Life is all about the expectations, fellas.”

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