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The Morning Fade – 12.20.10



OSU beats Bama by 8 – The Tide is (are?) not very good. I expected more out of an Anthony Grant-coached squad. I watched the first half (had a Christmas party during the second) and it was like 2 fighters just beating each other but not throwing any debilitating punches. It was like neither team wanted to make a 10-0 run. I texted my dad at one point and said, “how much would Duke be favored by over us? 30? 40?” He said, “probably 40 and 1000 on the SAT.” Still, to get to double digit wins pre-conference play was paramount for OSU to even begin thinking about the Dance.

Chatmon reviews some OC candidates – Honestly, none of these guys do anything for me. We can’t bring Lincoln in because he’d be younger than his starting QB, we can’t bring Littrell because he’s a Goon, and the two Houston guys sound like they don’t know who’s responsible for calling plays. This is not good.

Helsley on hoops distractions – How difficult is it to not get arrested in Stillwater? I could probably turn this into a lengthy post, but I just don’t understand why collegiate athletes put themselves in situations that might end with the phrase “you have one phone call to make.”

Great quotes on Alamo Bowl from – Dan Bailey on playing Arizona in the Alamo Bowl:”We feel good about the opportunity to go to San Antonio and play in the Alamo Bowl. There has been a lot of talk about how Arizona ended their season not the way they wanted to, but I think that will just give them more fire. I think we just need to stay focused and I think that it will be a fun game.” Translation: I just want to go home for Christmas, can’t we go for 2 after every score so I don’t have to be there?

Haisten on Blackmon and Weeden – A lot of valid points in this article but I take issue with the fact that he didn’t mention the pending lockout. That $11.6M figure is about 99% guaranteed not to be $11.6M next year. It might not matter but to not even mention it? You’re better than that Haisten.

Really great article by Haisten comparing 1988 to 2010 – Some funny quotes by Gundy in there. My favorite is, “We averaged (48.7) points a game back when most other people averaged 20, and we weren’t in a hurry-up offense.”

Kyrie Irving toe parody – THIS…is funny stuff.

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