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The Morning Fade – 2.22.11



1. John Helsley talks about how badly OSU needs Moses – “Assuming OSU’s leading scorer and rebounder would have contributed more – maybe much more against A&M – the Cowboys might still be holding NCAA Tournament hopes. As it is, the Cowboys have now dropped a season-worst four straight games and find themselves assured of a losing conference record at 4-9 in the Big 12 with three games to play.” (News OK)

2. Owen Kemp sums up Monday nicely – “The second half provided more of the same and while most of the mystery surrounding the result of this one was already lost it was certainly an opportunity for the Jayhawks to fine tune their game.” (Rock Chalk Talk)

3. Sam Bryant with a little humor to lighten the mood – Fill in your own OSU mad lib for Big 12 road games! (CRFF)

4. Baseball team with a strong mid-week game tonight – Cowboys face 3-0 Dallas Baptist at 4PM, you can listen online here starting at that time. (

5. Corinne Meyerson with an informative piece on the new college baseball bats – This is a good thing. I don’t need to be sitting through 6 hours of HRs and pitching changes. Simmons has, what he calls, the “150 minute rule” where he says there better be a GREAT reason for sitting through an event that lasts longer than 150 minutes. Watching Frank Anderson trot out to the hill every 10 minutes does not qualify. (O’Colly)

I wish I could disagree with this quote but I’m not sure I even understand what he’s trying to say.

“We’ve always known [Reger Dowell] was a good one-on-one player. Now, I think he’s fully grasping what to do to stay on the court.” – Travis Ford

Well I was hoping Weeden would provide us with the rebuttal to Johnny McEntee’s trick shot extravaganza a few weeks ago, instead we get this guy…

Really interesting take here on the Texas TV deal and how it affects the rest of the Big 12. Great story here by The Dagger about New York’s best player having his active jersey retired. Lastly, Seth Davis participated in a simulated bracket selection last week and wrote about it in his column this week.

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