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The Morning Fade – 2.23.11



Before we get to the links, I want to say thanks to @cowboybaseball for the great in-game tweets from OSU baseball games. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you should be. Also, as I tweeted yesterday afternoon you can follow the games in more detail from a site called @cowboybaseball will provide you with the link and password for each game so follow him on Twitter for that info.

1. Awesome Rickie Fowler piece in Inside Golf this month – The story can be found on page 36 of this digital magazine. Australian Anthony Powter does a fantastic job of showing how Fowler’s past projects his future, one that we should all be buying into. (Inside Golf)

2. Heisman Pundit releases its 2011 Heisman watch – Where’s Justin Gilbert? (Heisman Pundit)

3. Full story on OSU football coaches salaries for 2011 – The lesson? I need to get into the cornerbacks coaching profession… (News OK)

4. Baseball team falls to 3-1 – Giving up a first-pitch HR and buzzing through 7 pitchers is not ideal in the 4th game of the year, but still, it’s just the 4th game of the year. (

5. Bobby Reid is back in Oklahoma – Thankfully he’s fleeing from the pocket in a town other than Stillwater. In a related story, when I was looking up some info for this afternoon’s post I came across a very unsettling stat: Bobby Reid has thrown the 5th most TDs in Oklahoma State school history. And that’s a 120-year history! (Tulsa World)

6. Golf team finishes 3rd in Puerto Rico – What is it with OSU and losing to Georgia Tech these days? (

7. Ubben has Lemmon as his 20th best Big 12 player – “The 6-foot-1 star has good speed for a 243-pounder and earned a spot on the All-Big 12 first team. He’ll be missed next year, but without him, 2010 could have been a very different season for the Cowboys defense.” (ESPN)

8. Trotter weighs in on OSU/OU players at the combine – Am I just completely biased/crazy or should Ugo Chinasa be higher than “a late-round pick”? (News OK)

“The coolest part about being a professional golfer is just being a professional golfer.” – Rickie Fowler (page 36)

It’s a bit vulgar but Bethlehem Shoals wrote a gorgeous piece for GQ on the Thunder. And finally, Royce Young of Daily Thunder fame had the lead story on today about Blake returning home to OKC.

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