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The Morning Fade – 2.7.11



1. Helsley compares Markel to Desmond – OK, first of all, let’s not get too irrational 23 games into his career. That’s a brash statement to make without a ton of evidence backing it up. That being said, I completely understand where he’s coming from. The foundations upon which he builds his arguments are believable, I just think we need to let this play out a little more before we start comparing freshmen role players to all-century team standouts. (News OK)

2. OU moving toward its own TV network – I read that headline and I think “what an arrogant bunch of……….” but then I read the article by Trotter and (I loathe myself for saying this) it actually makes a lot of sense. (News OK)

3. Sittler on why Bedlam isn’t what it used to be – He’s right, I was talking to BJack at dinner on Saturday night while we watched Texas slaughter Tech and the phrase “if you’re not going to Bedlam, what are you going to?” was uttered more than once. (Tulsa World)

4. OSU golf team now #1 in Golfweek/Sagarin ratings – I don’t really understand this but I’ll pass along anything that has a #1 next to OSU. In case you’re wondering here’s an explanation. (Golfweek)

5. Very intriguing fouls against/for correlation with wins/losses – Strong stuff here from Samuel at CRFF. He comes to an intriguing conclusion that committing fouls isn’t actually what’s causing the problem. (Cowboys RFF)

6. Schlabach has OSU at #10 – “With receiver Justin Blackmon and quarterback Brandon Weeden returning to school, the Cowboys will be as explosive on offense as any Big 12 team. The Pokes will have to replace six defensive starters, as well as tailback Kendall Hunter. Incoming freshman Herschel Sims of Abilene, Texas, might get an immediate look at tailback. The Pokes will have to play well on the road, with key Big 12 games looming at Texas A&M, Texas and Missouri.” (ESPN)

“First time I met Joseph [Randle] was at a recruiting dinner. I was taken aback by what a polished young man he was. He’s smart, sharp, you can talk to him about several different things. He wasn’t your typical 18-, 19-year old college kid. You just felt like you were talking to a 30-year old guy. He’s not going to be a high-maintenance guy. He’ll be able to execute things you are asking him to do.” – Kasey Dunn (News OK)

Non-OSU: Heisman Pundit wrote a great post on the fastest players from the recruiting class of 2011. Sadly, David Glidden was not prominently involved. Also The Dagger has a great hoops recap of the season so far.

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