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The Morning Fade – 3.11.11



Dennis Dodd of CBS calls Keiton “a five-foot nothing shooting guard with an overbite” before Self corrects him and says Keiton is, “a bad boy.” (CBS Sports)

Jimmie Tramel with some good stuff from Kansas City including a great Marshall Moses quote, “Real ballers don’t get smacked by 30 and then come back and do it again. Real ballers compete.” (Tulsa World)

Outstanding piece on a little advice you might need for filling out your bracket on Sunday night (New York Times)

Boone’s now slumming around with people like Bob McNair, Ross Perot, Gerald Ford, and (gasp!) Malone Mitchell (Forbes)

Cowboy baseball is back in action tonight with a 3-gamer against woeful New Mexico (

I tweeted this yesterday but Ford, in his postgame press conference said, “We win this game, we’re in the NCAA Tournament.” (Big 12 Sports)

Here’s the photo gallery from Kansas City yesterday. The picture of JPO with his jersey over his face is easily the most telling one. (News OK)

Berry Tramel writes about how Ford needs to work on his recruiting now. That’s fine, and probably a true statement, but I don’t like how all the Oklahoma writers dip into the Sutton well to draw comparisons and point out the shortcomings of Ford. Nobody needs that, that ship has sailed, I know I’ve done at times too but it’s time for everyone to stop. (News OK)

Here’s a good early preview of the NCAA wrestling championships next weekend in Philadelphia. (

If someone could explain this to me that would be nice.

Colorado’s in the dance now. It kills me to think OSU could have played them today for the opportunity to throw the kitchen sink at Texas tomorrow. (Yahoo)

I think most of you reading this know my thoughts on Baylor by now but this stuff about Perry Jones is ridiculous. It’s not even a double-standard because I don’t even think there is a standard to begin with. (Yahoo)

OSU is participating in the Southern Highlands Collegiate Masters this weekend. Two things real quick 1. The guy who wrote this could be Matthew Stafford’s brother 2. Why does the OSU flame logo still exist? Also you can follow @_SHCM_ for updates on this tourney all weeekend. (Golf Digest)

More spring practice highlights. Is it just me or does JW Walsh throw really weird? Also, Blackmon makes a sick catch at 3:00 and Anyiam does the same at 3:25.

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