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The Morning Fade – 3.15.11



OSU got a massive PG recruit last night in Cezar Guerrero. I’m not THRILLED about another score-first point (where are all the Gottliebs?) but he’s a top-25 recruit for a reason and any competition we can stir between Gulley, Dowell, and him is going to be a positive thing. (News OK)

Morgan Hoffman inserted himself into POY talks with his victory at Southern Highlands last weekend. (Golf Week)

OSU looks to go 13-3 tonight in baseball against Central Arkansas. (

Preview of tonight’s game from Harvard’s student paper. I can all but guarantee you this is the only time we’ll ever link Harvard’s student paper on this blog. Also, I’m not entirely sure (mostly because it’s probably over my head) but I think they take a few veiled shots at us. (Harvard Crimson)

I can promise you this is the most in-depth NCAA bracket explanation you’ll ever read. Also you can follow these guys on Twitter. (New York Times)

The good and bad of the NCAA tournament as noted by The Dagger. I have to admit I really like having Barkley in-studio because I could care less about in-depth analysis of Marquette’s back court. Entertain me, make me laugh a few times, and let me watch the games. That’s all I want. (The Dagger)

Great story by Helsley on Moses listening to Dowell blow up against A&M during his ambulance ride to Stillwater Medical. (News OK)

A pair of Cowboy freshmen on this 2011 Big 12 impact players list. (Holy Turf)

Ubben with some good points on how A&M is trying to screw the rest of the Big 12 with the new money deal. (ESPN)

I know it’s the middle of bracket season so here’s a football one for you that makes sense. (Dr. Saturday)

If you’re into the “for entertainment purposes only” portion of the tournament read this post about why Washington is a higher favorite than the seeds above them. (The Dagger)

OSU has never won two NIT games in the same year. (Tulsa World)

The full OSU NCAA Championships wrestling release including info on OSU being one of two teams to take all 10 wrestlers to the meet. (

Awesome read on the ’06 George Mason Cinderella squad. The Dagger is killing it today. (The Dagger)

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