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The Morning Fade – 3.4.11



What They’re Saying
1. Break out the pads, it’s time – Spring football starts Monday, and with it comes expectations larger than many of us have ever had for a Cowboy football season. So much so, for myself at least, that I’m actually really interested in the spring depth chart. Perhaps the most exciting battle is for kicking duties between two guys with two of the best names in college football, Quinn Sharp and Bobby Stonebreaker. Though I sort of wish Stonebreaker was an LB. ( News OK)

2. Still a chance to dance? – Berry Tramel makes a case, and one that in my estimation isn’t that far fetched, for the Cowboys still having NCAA life. Forget the fact we lost two games by 1 point each and another two possession game in Boulder. Go get a win in Norman tomorrow and then get at least one in Kansas City. Stranger things have happened. ( News OK)

3. Bedlam is a tournament game… – Looks like Mr. Tramel isn’t the only one who feels like a tournament berth isn’t totally out of the realm of possibilities for our Cowboys. OU has lost 8 in a row, but it is Bedlam and you know they want to send Cade Davis, who has given so much to OU basketball (uncalled for?) out on a win. Bottom line, if we can’t make it 9 L’s in a row for Jeff Capel we don’t deserve to go to the NIT. My pick – OSU 67 OU 56 ( Tulsa World )

4. All that orange you see in GIA, those are seats – Here is an interesting take on the attendance woes that OSU has been experiencing in basketball. Fortunately, if it can be that, it’s a state wide problem. All four D-1 programs are struggling to draw people. I think Haisten hits the nail on the head when he says so many of the games are on TV or can be streamed online. Doesn’t help that gas has been swiftly increasing all 2011 or that our NBA team is quickly becoming a contender. Kudos to the athletic department for their efforts on multiple occasions this seasons to get more butts (Pistolsguy, can I say butts?) in the seats. My biggest gripe are the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of season ticket holders who don’t come and don’t get their tickets in the hands of someone who could. Shame on them. ( Tulsa World )

5. Peter, Phil & Augusta – This is a great piece, apparently written by Peter Uihlein, OSU’s very own reigning US Amateur. In just a few weeks he’ll tee off at the Masters for the first two rounds with their reigning champ, Phil Mickelson. Can you sense my jealousy? I think I have a strong candidate for my next man crush of the week. If you don’t know what that means you need to click on the link to the right and download our pistolcast. (shameless plug) The more I think about what sport I would most like to be a professional in, I lean towards golf. ( )

6. Cowboys head West – I don’t know what’s better getting to go play baseball in Arizona in March or probably getting free Blizzards after every game? The Pokes head to Tucson for the Dairy Queen Classic where they’ll take on Washington St. (today at 5 pm), South Alabama (tomorrow at 5 pm), and Minnesota (Sunday at 1:30 pm). The irony is the event is hosted by Minnesota and was supposed to be at the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Having somehow managed to see 5 games there in my life, I’d say everyone comes out a winner in this switch. ( )

7. Gratuitous Weeden piece – Bottom line, if someone writes two sentences about Brandon Weeden in the next twelve months I’ll probably be reading it. Brandon Chatmon is going to be looking at each position during the early stages of spring drills. He starts with our quarterbacks. I’m pretty fired up to see J.W., just hoping he doesn’t have a dad like J.D. McCoy from Friday Night Lights. ( B. Chatmon)

Quote to Note

Q when he heard DeMarco Murray is one of four possible candidates for the new coverboy for EA Sports NCAA Football 12

Makes me wanna puke!

Here’s a call to all Cowboy faithful to go out and vote for Jake Locker of Washington, and hope he’s followed up next year by a certain WR #81 or QB #3 (you know, since they don’t get their names on the game)

Video(s) You Should Watch

In honor of Pistolsguy…Kyle Singler trick shots. Sorry, my rookie attempt at the morning fade isn’t allowing me to get the video player to work properly. The link will have to suffice.

You Don’t Want to Miss

I don’t know how I feel about getting a ring for being the co-champion of something. But, this ring is pretty filthy. An easy way to fix my apprehension on this issue…win the whole freaking thing next year.

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