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The Morning Fade – 3.9.11



Matt Pilgrim continues to fascinate me. Maybe he’ll let me help him with the book he wants to write after he finishes school. (Tulsa World)

Here’s a list of the gifts given out at all the conference tournaments. Apparently Dash Harris wasn’t real excited about his iPod touch but as Luke Winn points out…it could be worse, Dash. (Sports Business Daily)

Berry Tramel with a good take on coaches-in-waiting. (News OK)

I know I need to let this go but I guess I’m just a little confused about how Jim Tressel can lie to the NCAA (because if you don’t think that’s what he did then you’re only fooling yourself) about an incident involving tens of thousands of dollars and get a 2-game suspension and Dez Bryant can lie to the NCAA (because if you don’t think that’s what he did then you’re only fooling yourself) about a meal presumably worth tens of dollars and get a 10-game suspension? Any answers from anyone? (SI)

David Ubben has Weeden as the 10th best player in the Big 12 (ESPN)

Chatmon says OSU’s D will be the stalwart of the program this year (News OK)

Helsley talks about how Keiton wasn’t built to play the role he’s played this year. I couldn’t agree more and think he’s done the best job he could have considering the situation. Much respect to Keiton from PFB. (News OK)

I thought we had reset OSU’s unintentional comedy scale with this picture of Boone, Burns, Blackmon, and Weeden until I saw this picture from yesterday’s State Capitol visit.

The fact that this got made and we get to watch it in five days makes me feel like Charlie Sheen’s Twitter account.

Haven’t we kind of run the gamut on Bill Self to OSU stories? Everyone together now: Travis Ford is our coach and he’s a good one and he’s going to be here for a long time, let’s all just hop on board, it’ll make things everyone’s life a lot less stressful. (Tulsa World)

Everyone is getting all hot and bothered by all this “OSU didn’t deserve their football rings” talk from Stoops and Tony Jefferson, but I think it’s awesome. That’s what you want from your rivals, no? Would OSU fans not be doing the exact same thing? Plus, in December when we roll them Weeden can stick both his ring fingers up at their sideline in his best Dana impression and say “how does my brass taste?” in the postgame interviews. (News OK)

Oh, and Ubben weighed in on it as well, I agree 100% with his sentiments (ESPN)

Here are some of the highlights from Day 1 of spring ball. I hope we use Horton and Jeremy Smith more this year than we did last year. Lastly, Blackmon makes a sick catch on a gorgeous JW Walsh ball at 1:18 of this clip.

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