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The Morning Fade – 4.11.11



It’s been a pleasure serving you guys for the last several days. Pistolsguy is on his way back from among the Georgia pines and he’ll be back feeding you fades tomorrow morning. Thanks for bearing with me and not giving up on PFB while Pistolsguy was out walking August National with Peter U’s dad, Weeden, and Marshall Faulk.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but in case you haven’t Bedlam football is moving to the first weekend of December. Guys, no more having to explain to your wife and/or in laws that you have to leave Thanksgiving festivities to go to Stillwater for a football game. Anyway this is not a good thing? Let’s just hope this is the de facto Big XII championship game. PS, I finally realized why the morning fade is so awesome…it allows you to avoid those annoying Reynolds Ford ads that automatically start when you go to the digital sports page on Anyone else hate those? (NewsOK)

It probably wasn’t who we expected, especially judging by our poll question, but Bo Van Pelt was quietly the top OSU related finisher down at Augusta (T-8th). When Rickie fell back Saturday and then did more of the same on Sunday and Mahan didn’t even make the cut, nor did our amateur Peter U. you started to feel like it just wasn’t going to be OSU’s weekend at the Masters. But, Bo played solid through the weekend and made a nice run Sunday. Don’t worry Traber will be telling you all day today how he and Bo are boys. (Tulsa World)

This is great and bad at the same time. Awesome that the Pokes sit in 3rd place in the conference after their weekend sweep of Missouri, but bad that it was the first time we’ve swept a Big XII series in three years. Wow. Let’s hope we get another one or two before season’s end. (OKState)

It was a pair of sweeps in Stillwater this weekend. The softball team is quietly putting together a solid season. Of course the only way this will hit most of our radar’s is if they reach the college world series in OKC. I think I could get on board with a bedlam matchup in OKC for the title. (OKState)

I don’t even know what to say about this. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions. But, I had to link it. (Tulsa World)

Sad that a story with this title is written because of a former OSU athlete. Especially when that OSU athlete was so beloved by pretty much all of us even after his suspension. (Tulsa World)

Our PFB creator doing big boy things for the second time in one week. Congrats to Pistolsguy and a huge thank you to his readers that keep coming back to PFB and help give this site its credibility. Go Pokes! (Yahoo!)

The spring game is five days away. So, here’s a gratuitous Weeden interview. I could listen to his interviews all day. I don’t know if it’s his age or his confidence or his accent, but you can’t listen to him and not feel confident about our team. He already sounds like a pro, which I realize he’s already been…just not in football. Here’s to two Heisman candidates, a new OC, and what we hope will be a memorable fall.

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