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The Morning Fade – 4.13.11



Win Bedlam baseball tickets for this weekend. (Facebook)

Fascinating piece on Darrent Williams and everything that happened leading up to his death. (Sports Illustrated)

Some interesting questions about the 2011 schedule answered by Chatmon. I have pretty mixed feelings on the Thursday night game but my feelings on the Friday night game are not mixed, that’s a horrendous move. We don’t need to be playing tier-5 schools on a Friday night in November. (News OK)

Weeden was named OSU’s student-athlete of the year, and is wearing an awesome shirt in this picture. (

Ubben calls one of OSU’s linebackers “a budding star.” (ESPN)

Ubben also note that one of OSU’s weaknesses became its greatest strength by the end of the year. I don’t think this story gets enough attention or credit but I’d put it as reason #1 or #2 why the Cowboys won 11 games last year. (ESPN)

OSU moves to 25-8 and 20-3 at home, barely. (

Lots of Ubbs today, here’s his interview with Justin Blackmon at BPS. Blackmon rolls him pretty hard with the first question, good interview though. (ESPN)

Really great piece on Markelle Martin by Jenni Carlson. (News OK)

I can’t believe how excited I am to see this…

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