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The Morning Fade – 4.14.11



Oklahoma State has three golfers in the Ben Hogan award race, and one of them has only played in six tournaments. (Golf Digest)

Can someone please give me a real answer on why this is like the biggest secret ever kept in college athletics? (ESPN)

Want to feel your blood boil in the general direction of the NCAA? (Clarion Ledger)

How do we feel about Arizona State’s new gear? I’ve talked to people who love it and people who hate it. I hope we’re all prepared for whatever Nike drops on us in the next few months because it could be just as controversial. (Dr. Saturday)

Chatmon thinks Josh Cooper is the most underrated player in the Big 12. (News OK)

A point guard who can shoot? Give it to me. (

Ubben does a great job answering my question of why Fox paid 4x as much for only 2x the number of Big 12 games. (ESPN)

OSU, A&M, and Texas will be paired together in the Big 12 golf championships two weeks from now in Hutchinson, Kansas. Seriously? Kansas? (Big 12 Sports)

Tony Allen – NBA star? (WSJ)

“My goal is to be Big 12 Freshman of the year.” (Scout)

I don’t even know what to say about this video other than PLEASE watch it. My favorite quotes in order are:

“a cunning western attack!”
“the fools fall for a simple trick”
“the simpletons in white are too slow!”
“the boys of cow must increase their speed”

And the fact that they black out Pete’s face is unreal, it kills me. Big thanks to @kevindeshazo for passing it on. You should follow him on Twitter, he’s cooler than me.

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