The Morning Fade – 4.18.11

Written by Kyle Porter

Great article that kind of got buried last Friday about some late night class time between Todd Monken and Brandon Weeden. (Sports Illustrated)

Great Bedlam series recap by Anthony Slater. There’s a quote in here from Davis Duren about how OSU might lead the country in walkoff hits, I think he might be right. It feels like they’ve had one every week for the last two months. (O’Colly)

I’m not real sure how to feel about Cezar CJ Guerrero yet. (News OK)

Also, here’s a video of him getting choked up during his speech on signing day. If you watch it will you let me know whether or not you think that’s a Steve Young mural on wall behind him? (Los Angeles Wave)

Great story by James Poling (and terrific slideshow by Adam Kemp) on the spring game from Saturday. Spring games are…worthless for the most part, but let’s be honest, Justin Gilbert could run back 97-yard kicks on the intramural fields with nobody out there and I’d be interested. (O’Colly)

How about the quote of the year so far from Todd Monken:

The reality is you (play) this game to win the Big 12. The goal is to win the Big 12 and beat those jokers down south; that’s it.

Mike Baldwin with some good points here that the old Big 12 north is about to get torched. (News OK)

Golf team finished second at the Aggie Invitational and were led by Peter Uihlein’s 6-under medal-winning score. (

16,000 turned out for the spring game, where does that rank amongst other Big 12 spring game attendances? (Holy Turf)

Good synopsis here by Chatmon on this spring’s breakout stars. (News OK)

And lastly, some observations/thought from Chatmon to end the spring game hoopla. If you can get through this and not be ecstatic about this September then we need to do some re-evaluating of your sports fandom. (News OK)

Spring game highlights. My favorite parts about this video are 1.) the swing pass TD to Randle (omg) 2.) how elite Jeremy Smith looks and 3. Chatmon standing behind Gundy in a lime green shirt and blazer trying to get some quotes.

  • KurtisWH

    This is an epic post. So much good material!

  • FreeMason10

    All someone has to do to win OSU fans over is slam OU. Well played Todd. I have now completely bought into your offensive coaching capabilities without seeing one play.

    I said the exact same thing about Cezar after I started following him on Twitter this weekend. I’m not so sure I need him taking shots at Austin Rivers right now. Maybe Ford can bring his cockiness down to a strong confidence. Either way, we can expect some OMG moments with him and LeBryan next year

  • Keith

    Wow! Could this be best tandem at RB since Thomas and Sanders?

  • bMyles

    Jeremy Smith looks like Trent Richardson/Mark Ingram…. as if I wasn’t already fired up – well done KP.

    As to the best RB combo since Thomas & Sanders: Tatum and Morency was pretty nasty…

    • 19

      I don’t think you can call Tatum and Morency a tandem. I don’t remember Bell sharing the limelight much. Morency really wasn’t a force until 2004 after Tatum left. Of course, Barry and Thurman didn’t really alternate or work as a combo.
      Now if you want to talk running back tandems George Palmer and Robert Turner were probably the best as a real tandem, but that goes back awhile. I can still see them taking turns running over Missouri DBs.

  • Lane Walker

    how exactly did they come up with the 16000 attendance number? The gates were basically just open with people flooding in. I guess they just looked at the crowd and guesstimated? Im also really surprised that both uo and nebraska charge for their spring games, and Nebraska STILL had about 6000 more people than our stadium would even hold… crazy…