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The Morning Fade – 4.19.11



PFB will honor the OKC bombing anniversary by posting this at 9:01 CST, the exact time of the bombing.

Cowboy baseball takes on Wichita State tonight. There have been moments in my fandom, and some of you will understand this, when I would have rooted for OU over Wichita State. (

OSU climbs into the top 15 of one notable national baseball poll. (Perfect Game)

Another one has them at #16. (Baseball America)

Missed this yesterday but great column here by Jenni Carlson on Blackmon’s blue collar-ness. The anti-TO if you will. (which is about to be ironic after you watch the video at the bottom of this post) (News OK)

Pretty fascinating interview with the Big 12 head of legal counsel on the new deal with Fox. (ESPN)

The golf team continues to be awesome. And is 124-8-2 against the rest of the country which, as was kindly explained to me by @ryancameron24, means OSU has been in 10 different tournaments with 134 different teams and has, at the end of those tournaments, trailed only 8 of them. I think that’s good. (Golf Week)

Zach Johnson (the one who plays 1B for OSU, not the one who donned a green jacket 5 years ago) won Big 12 Newcomer of the Week in the Big 12. And if OU’s catcher hadn’t hit .647 (!), could have been overall player of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

Justin Blackmon doing his best TO impression….

Bill Simmons used to say he hated meeting Peyton Manning because it was so much harder to dislike and make fun of him thereafter. I do not do not DO NOT need to know that Ryan Broyles loved playing FIFA on XBOX. Ask a different question, Blackmon, don’t give me an opportunity to enjoy OU’s best player!!

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