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The Morning Fade – 4.27.11



I have a golf post coming at 9:30 looking at all the records in play at today’s Big 12 Championship final round, thus the lack of links in the Fade.

As Ubben kindly points out for about 100,000 clad in orange who have been holding their breath since Dec. 30, “OSU has been here before.” (ESPN)

Why do we keep doing this? (

Good reporting here by Chatmon on where Kendall Hunter might end up in tomorrow night’s draft. (News OK)

Ubben writes that OSU’s deep offensive line just got a tad deeper. I’m not sure that the O-line ever got enough credit last year for Weeden getting touched about 6 times in 13 weeks… (ESPN)

OSU baseball drops four in a row, losing 6-5 at Wichita State on Tuesday in a game where they brought the winning run to the plate four (!) times in the ninth. K-State can’t get to Stillwater quickly enough. (

Phenomenal Brandon Weeden expose by Matt Hinton. He, like Q, is enamored with Weeden’s deep ball, ” it probably goes without saying that the guy throws a really, really pretty ball.” (Dr. Saturday)

MJD (not the one who plays for Jacksonville) looks at the best top 10 NFL picks of all-time. A certain Heisman-winning OSU RB slides in as the best #3 pick in NFL history (FYI: Troy Aikman and Tony Mandarich went ahead of him. (Shutdown Corner)

Interesting story here by Danilynn Welniak on OSU’s most superstitious athlete. There’s a lot of Chick-fil-A involved. (O’Colly)

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