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The Morning Fade – 4.5.11



How much money would Peter Uihlein have to be paid (or not paid) to wrestle John Smith? (O’Colly)

Rickie Fowler’s week in Augusta (outside of playing) is going to be much different than yours (if you’re going). (

Fowler: “It’s Augusta National, so if it doesn’t fit your eye, then you probably shouldn’t be playing here.” (Reuters)

Great preview of tonight’s mid-week bedlam baseball game in Norman, where OSU hasn’t played since 1996. (O’Colly)

Bill Young says “Justin Gilbert has really stepped it up for us this spring.” For the normally-stoic Young, that’s like saying he’s a sure-fire 1st team All-American. (

I’m not sure how to get you to the Rickie Fowler interview other than to tell you to click on this link, go to the bottom of the page where it says “video reel” and watch him talk. It’s pretty incredible how poised and yet candid he is at 22. (

Berry Tramel with some interesting stuff on OSU and OU hiring point guards in their recent future. I’m not sure this has two secure legs to stand on, but it’s mildly intriguing nonetheless. (News OK)

Kevin Tway has moved up to 4th in the college golf rankings. (Golf Week)

Cool slideshow of 10 Masters rookies includes Fowler and Uihlein. (Golf Digest)

Davis Duren racks up OSU’s fourth conference weekly award on the short season. (

Dan Wetzel writes easily the best story you’ll read about the title game and offers up a little perspective to boot. (Yahoo)

I think I actually laughed out loud when I saw this picture of Peter Uihlein with Billy Payne and the rest of the amateurs competing at Augusta…

Finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, One Shining Moment is back from ICU after Jennifer Hudson tried to stick a knife in it last season.

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