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The Morning Fade – 5.4.11



Cowboys are #6 in the wayyyyyyyy too early top 25 from Mark Schlabach and he notes that they’er a BCS darkhorse contender. Are you really a darkhorse at #6, or at that point are you just contending for the title? (ESPN)

Also, Ubben assesses things quite nicely here as he evaluates Schlabach’s top 25 and says OSU “never seems to be able to bag the big ones.” (ESPN)

Darren Rovell here with some good insight as to why all these conference deals are actually worth the money. (CNBC)

Then Ubben one-ups him with this brilliant breakdown of the Pac-10 TV deal vs. the Big 12 TV deal. (ESPN)

John Helsley doesn’t think the Cowboys are getting the respect they’ve earned as a football program. And I agree. Although I can’t vehemently disagree like he does with many prognosticators picking A&M to finish 2nd in the Big 12, they’re going to be LEGIT. (News OK)

Kendall Hunter getting some love from Trent Dilfer: “I think Kendall Hunter might have been the steal of the draft…He reminded me a ton of a guy I played four years with in Tampa named Warrick Dunn.” (Inside the 49ers)

Peter Uihlein, Morgan Hoffman, and Kevin Tway snare All-Big 12 team honors in golf and Mike McGraw is your coach of the year. Two thoughts here: 1.) It’s weird that there’s not a Big 12 north golfer on the team and 2.) shouldn’t they just hand the coach of the conference champs every year “coach of the year”? (Big 12 Sports)

Also, as Gavin Lang noted and this video shows, Peter Uihlein and Kevin Tway are two of the three guys up for the Ben Hogan award which is golf’s equivalent to the Heisman. Past OSU winners include: Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, Trip Kuehne, and Kevin Wentworth.

Your daily “Kevin Durant is awesome” reminder. (Yahoo)

Not sure how I missed this over the weekend, but Devin Shines shines in right field for the Cowboys…

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