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The most read stories of 2013

2013 was weird, and great.



A new year is upon us and I wanted to look back at some of the highlights of 2013. I started looking back at each month but kind of ran out of time on that so I decided just to compile the 10 most-read posts of 2013 for you guys right here…

1. Mike Gundy dance — Got the double the pageviews of any other story and 3x every story except for No. 2 (which was a fake story).

2. Kirk Herbstreit SI — I usually regret writing 5-10 posts a year, this one is at the top of the list. It would have been amazing if it was true but Kirk Hebstreit writing on Instagram that he was canceling his SI subscription was a fake. I deleted the post and issued an apology.

3. Andre Sexton response — Likely the most eloquent piece on this blog all year.

4. Thayer Evans takes down OSU — I wrote this in 2011 and somehow it was the fourth-most read thing in 2013. The Internet, baby.

5. An orange pride girl tells her story — During the height of the crazy SI stuff an Orange Pride girl reached out to me to tell her story. How should I feel that of the five most-read things on PFB this year, one was fake, one was a video of Gundy dancing, one was from 2011, and two weren’t written by me….

6. How OSU could get in the title game — Something normal that I wrote!

7. Former players react to SI story — Again, Tatum Bell (an alleged thief) was leading the charge against Sports Illustrated.

8. Jason Whitlock destroys Thayer Evans — Whitlock went on the Sports Animal to torch Evans. It didn’t make what Evans wrote any more or less true, but it was entertaining.

9. The tide has turned on SI — One of my bigger overviews of the SI stuff. I don’t remember sleeping a lot that week. It was so insane.

10. OSU students in for something special — Probably my favorite thing to write all year.

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