The New Oklahoma State Football Uniforms

Written by Kyle Porter

I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments section…

The black on black on black is insane. Let’s just not wear it when the field thermometer reads 144 in early September.

I’m not a big phantom Pete guy but it does look pretty good on these pants.

The black on orange and orange on black is going to look PHENOMENAL.

I think the gray is different than I thought it would be. I presumed it would look darker (like Oregon) but I can deal with this.

This is actually pretty slick looking.

The gray helmets are solid too. Obviously I (we) overreacted to the replicas I tweeted out last week because I’m impressed by these.

So many great combinations, I love it.

Up close of the orange. I don’t like the top as much as the pants.

I’m not in love with the thick stripes but they take me back to the 80s a little bit. Back to this.

The new white pops so hard. The white on black and black on white (like KU last year) are going to be fan favorites.

So there you are, the new unis in all their glory. I have to admit they’re a lot better than I thought they would be. feel like they equally satisfy the age 70+ alumni because of the subtle shout out to our 1980s thick-striped uniforms and the younger crowd (specifically recruits) because they’re fun, and sharp, and a little bit loud.

Well done, Nike. Well done, Oklahoma State. Well done, fan base for enduring seven months of pontificating and “omg I think Holder and Phil Knight texted today” rumors.

Also, if you’re new to the site, welcome! I’ve been running this blog for about seven months and we cover all Oklahoma State sports. You can follow on Twitter here and via RSS here.

  • FreeMason10

    These pics basically gave my Cowboy optimism a steroid shot. We’re winning it all!!!!!

    • Mark C

      Looks like the Oregon of the midwest… hope the two teams play one another in a bowl game!

  • Ashpkt

    First! I think they are pretty sick looking. Not a fan of Phantom Pete.

  • First and foremost, holy crap I still hate the Phantom Pete with about 90% of my soul. Pissed that we’re stuck with some bombed Nike marketing gimmick.

    With that said, I think these new uniforms are gonna be alright. I like the light gray, and while I’m still not a fan of the all-black idea, I have to admit that a black-black-white look will probably look pretty cool.

    Worried that a black-black-orange or black-orange-orange will make us look like Oregon State clones, though.

    Well, I’ll probably be ranting more on Twitter tonight. Heh.

  • FreeMason10

    I thought I’d hate the gray, but that gray helmet is so legit

  • Al

    I’m not sure how I feel about the black helmet yet. Maybe it will grow on me. I liked the way the white helmets with the black OSU outlined in orange looked. Overall it is a great set. Tons of options for combos.

  • @arin5000

    crap, i’m gonna have a difficult time getting calmed down enough to sleep after seeing this. thanks pistolsguy.

    i don’t mind the phantom pete. actually, i like it quite a bit. wanna get a tattoo of it.

    the combinations will be endless. and, i don’t want for everybody to feel it’s necessary to compare the uniforms to other squad’s.

    i know our colors are the same as oregon state, but these unis look nothing like theirs. i like that nike didn’t go too crazy with accents and striping. the striping gives it a bit of a traditional look.

    the murdered out look with the orange numbers outlined in gray/silver is sick. white on gray is sweet too. snap, the gray on orange is frickin raw. i wanna see gray on orange with the black helmet!

    definitely wanna see some normal shots instead of the softened ones. need to see details too.

  • Reed


    NOOOOO to Phantom Pete.


  • @natethiry

    I just caught myself drooling over the flat black hat w/ grey tops. And the all blacks are super intimidating. I mean, I’m on their side, and I’m still scared. Not a fan of the shoulder decal, but i don’t hate it with the all-blacks. Phantom Pete…whyyyyyyy???? But still…those are awesome. If I were a recruit, these would be a ridiculously good selling point.

  • Love love love love! Thanks for posting!

  • @connorham

    I like the simplicity. Great colors. I like that they actually look like football uniforms and not a fashion statement.

    And I really don’t mind Phantom Pete.

    I’m really digging the grey

  • Adam

    Awesome, Just Awesome

    I’m alright with the phantom Pete actually. You guys seem to hate it. I’d still like to see that orange helmet, maybe with a black OSU infill and white outline decal. Buy 3 different helmets could get a bit pricey….but a man can dream

    • Paul

      Not sure if you have three sets of helmets or just repaint them. My impression was that when teams went with a alternative helment they simple paited the helmets. That’s going to be a beating if you change every week though.

  • Andrew

    Well the all black is my favorite. It is so sharp and infimidating. But I LOVE how the orange logo seems to pop on the grey helmet. Legit.

  • Sooner D

    Having had football players as roommates, I can tell you that the 18 year old recruits like having the ‘modern’ looking unis and they like the idea of having a lot of options ala Oregon

  • Greeeeenfield

    What about the gloves??!! These things HAVE to come with a PRO COMBAT glove! That’d be sick

  • Jeff

    So SICK!!!

  • About Phantom Pete, I just feel like traditional Pete would satisfy everyone’s tastes more. However…he may grow on me. Time will tell.

  • Jeff jones

    I like phantom Pete. I was pretty worried after seeing the jersey from hibbets but when you put it all together they look sweet. Love the all black.

  • Q

    Well done, pistolsguy. Breaking freaking news.

    The all black (including helmet) will definitely be my favorite.

  • Poke Poke

    These match the pics leaked in April, except COWBOYS is on the front vs. OSTATE…and this includes the grey helmets/jersey. Why nothing official from OSU yet? Are they trying to gather more fan feedback? Here’s mine:
    – overall I like them, good job guys….although I can see some combos don’t go together well.
    – numbers on the back are too big
    – don’t like phantom Pete. Unless we’re retiring the traditional Pete we shouldn’t use a new one. It reminds me of Slash and Garth Brooks’s Chris Gaines pictures.
    – COWBOYS on the front should b bigger, don’t like how Nike makes the font so small.
    – I like the larger helmet decal and grey outline of the numbers on black jerseys
    – don’t like orange tops black bottoms combo

  • Big fan. The all black is frightening. The gray is so money.

  • Jessica

    I think they look great! I love it.

  • IrrelevantScott

    I have to say, overall I am a huge fan of these uniforms. Here’s why…

    – The color combinations are fantastic and never ending.
    – Grey is the newest and most modern alternate color in college athletics today. It looks good with our Orange & Black.
    – The uniform design is simple and very clean
    – Alternating colors from jersey to pants makes us resemble an NFL team, it looks professional.
    – My only criticism and I see that I’m not alone on this…Pistol “Phantom of the Tundra” Pete. He’s got to go, I don’t like modernizing our beloved Pistol Pete anymore than he already has been.

    Since Oklahoma State adopted the new space-age oSu logo, with the forward-slant and beveled letters, I haven’t really accepted it as our true logo. However, with these more futuristic jerseys, the logo doesn’t clash. Now the logo makes sense, a new 21st century look for the Cowboys is a good thing. GO POKES!

  • Curt

    Have always thought black should be more prominate on our uniforms. Did I miss something?? I thought Pistol Pete was our mascot. Shouldn’t the mascot be a part of our uniform? Don’t see the problem. Proud of Pistol Pete.

    • Lance

      It isn’t Pistol Pete that is the problem Curt, it is Phantom Pete, Pistol Pete’s twisted and stupid stepbrother that is the problem. No one on here is saying anything negatively toward the Pete we all know and love.

  • Friendo

    These make me want to go tackle someone.

    • Connie

      What happened to ORANGE POWER? I like the orange, the white, and could maybe tolerate some gray, but don’t like the black at all. It looks creepy. Maybe that’s the idea – creep out the other team. Nevertheless, I don’t like it. ORANGE POWER BABY!

    • Everyone in Norman

      You Cowboy fans will buy anything…has no one noticed that there is no orange top? Your, you know, PRIMARY color?

      • Dave

        This changes everything. Get Nike on the phone immediately.

        • Everyone in Norman

          Oh, nevermind…they have since added a picture of one.

  • Tod

    These are better than I feared they would be. Add in an orange helmet and an orange jersey, and I think we’re good to go…

  • Everyone in Norman

    This would have been so much more respectable.

    • Bobby D

      Don’t like it. Looks like an oversized orange and reminds me when San Diego State had plain red helmets and they looked like a bunch of tomato heads out there.

  • kblosch

    Love them! I just really, really wish there was an orange helmet. I think the all black or the black on orange would look AWESOME with an orange helmet. And I’m assuming there’s going to be an orange jersey, right? But there’s not one shown. I was really hoping for an orange on orange on orange look. I’m coming around to more of the black and adding in a little gray, but I don’t want to do that at the expense of orange as our primary color. Anyone can use black or gray, but not eveyone has orange. I still love the sea of orange.

    Ahhh! The season can’t get here soon enough! Thanks pistolsguy!

  • Andrew

    There was a shoulder pad view picture of the orangejersey on here last night. I guess he took it down cuz he wasn’t a fan… Love them btw.

  • BigBadBen

    I actually like the gray & the new look of the unis, but….

    Where the Heck is the Orange Top?

    Please tell me it is still a staple. If not, what I liked about the new uni’s will go right down the tank.

    That Phantom Pete thing sucks! We can have New & keep the traditional.

    Sooner Fag, you can piss off & go hump visor boys leg. It’s amazing how much time you idiots spend trolling OSU boards.

  • Lance

    I would suggest the uniform worn in 1976 – the last time OSU laid any claim to a conference title.

  • Cody Blosch

    Need an orange helmet! And where did the orange top go? There was a pic of it last night.

    • Kyle Porter

      Back up.

      • Fred Flinstone

        You traded the classic OSU orange for a off set burnt orange. Your not Texas, brighten it up a little. it also look like you went with the standard numbering instead of the bubble numbers that made OSU uni’s so unique. It really doesn’t matter to me anyway….GO SOONERS

        • Clint Eastwood

          so glad to see that you sooners have nothing better to do than sit and read one of our blogs. is that because you dont have a job because you never actually went to college?

          • Liberty Metcalf

            Too bad it’s all wasted on OkState.

          • Bobby D

            Too bad you’re wasted, hah hah.

          • WhenISayGoTeamYouSayPokes

            You nailed it, Clint.

            It’s always the beer-gutted, Jack Black guzzling, toothless, no-life-loser-so-I’ll-jump-on-the-Sooner-bandwagon types who invade other schools’ blogs to spew their hatred. I’ve had my FILL of the “I’m a Sooner, by God! I bleed crimson” bozos.

            No yer not, son, and no ya don’t. If you don’t know where the English or math buildings are, you’re not a Sooner. You’re a pathetic wannabe.

          • Jesse

            Too bad these uniforms can’t help them win a real conference championship. Let me ask you all a question? Is Boone going to make rings for these as well?

          • Bobby D

            Stay classy as usual LandThieves fans. BTW, that’s sarcasm since most of you OU bozos never stepped foot into a class at ZeroU.

          • Jesse

            Maybe he’ll make a couple different rings so they can all coordinate with thier uniforms. I bet the have cubic zirconium in the rings. You know, the fake diamonds. At least it fits, fake diamonds for a fake championship. And your right Bobby, the indoor big 8 trophy sitting in my living room is a fake. I don’t know why I keep paying them thousands of dollars every year to get tickets to a university I never attended. Stay smart OSU grads…

          • Clint Eastwood

            glad to see that you have nothing better to do than try and bring us down. i guess your team isnt doing anything worth while right now? oh wait, didnt one of your receivers just say something on twitter that his own teammate didnt agree with? good job kenny stills, youre just as dumb as 90% of your fanbase

          • Jesse

            Who exactly didn’t agree with Stills? If your going to say bryoles himself, then your fan base is actually dumber than I thought. I know, I know, hard to believe. Of course Ryan Broyles isn’t going to say he’s the best. Unlike the prima Donna’s that come out of OSU, Broyles will never say he is the best. There is no way of comparing. Besides Stills even said no offense to Blackmon. He just thinks Broyles is better. And if you base it on who can catch better he is right. If you want to base it on stature alone Blackmon is better. BTW Broyles had to share balls with a better surrounding cast than Blackmon. It is better to keep quiet and have everyone think you are dumb than open your mouth and remove all doubt.

          • bMyles


            Sound it out idiot.
            I’ll use that as my comparison. Who has one, who doesn’t.
            You HAVE TO have something better to do than run your mouth on an OkState blog….surely.

            And you’re right, Broyles had a better supporting cast than Blackmon. MEANING – Broyles didn’t get doubled like Blackmon did.
            And if Weeden threw for 4,200 yards or whatever – I’m guessing there were other guys bringing in the 2,500 other receiving yards….right? Maybe?
            You shot your own hole in that argument buckeroo.
            What was that about opening your mouth and being dumb again??
            I forget…

            Tonight, when you get home from eating at Billy Sims BBQ, and after you pay off some UCO college debt, do us all a favor and lock yourself in your doublewide and do a Google search for the 2010-2011 Biletnikoff Award, sounds like you’ve forgotten who unanimously took home the trophy.

            (I’d bet my next paycheck this moron rabbit trails from the receiver issue that he’s getting owned on, and retorts with how they beat us or won some National Title 10 years ago. PLEASE do it. Please. It’d be classic.)

          • Clint Eastwood

            hahahahahaha, thank you bmyles. if broyles is the best receiver in college football, shouldnt he have won the award that is given to the best receiver in college football? you would think that if people thought he was better that he would get the trophy. but apparently they didnt, because it was a unanimous decision last year for who was the best receiver in ALL of college football. if you still think that broyles is the better receiver, maybe you should learn to read so you know exactly what the biletnikoff is.

          • Boom Roasted! Well said, well said!

          • osu ’06

            Kyle you really killed it getting this scoop!

          • Clint Eastwood

            i just cant stand when someone has to come in and try to rain on our parade. im honestly surprised that some of these people know how to work a computer, moreless own one!

          • Greg

            I don’t care as long as most of the time we are in ORANGE! That is our color. We are the sea of orange. The orange nation. That is how it should be. That is all I care about. I dont want our fans running out and buying light gray shirts. How do we think BPS would look then? The sea of Light Gray! oooooooo!!!!

            I think it is a gimmick. I know they want to attack better players. I hope this works. But the uniform does not make us better. It just makes us look like we don’t know who we are.

            Regardless GO POKES! no matter what the uniform looks like!


            A fellow member of the sea of light gray!

          • Bobby D

            Not a huge fan of the orange…shouldn’t a primary color ever, and I say that as a grad of Booker T Washington and oSu. Too much orange is kind of frightening unless it’s Halloween, but guess it’s personal preference. I wouldn’t worry though, they’ll be wearing orange tops, pants and now helmets. If they monochrome the orange I might lose some Joe’s chili fries though…just warning y’all, hah hah.

          • Real Fan

            I don’t care what they wear as long as they are winning!!!

            Go Pokes

  • OMG! Can you say HOT…..very nice 🙂

  • Holder

    So who is the rat in my office? First the IPF, now the uniforms?

  • Pam

    Love the look. Need to add orange jersey. We are ORANGE POWER aren’t we? My fav would be black-orange-black. Get rid of Phantom Pete and put Pistol Pete on the pants. We all love the image of Pistol Pete.

    • Brady

      Where’d they go?

      • Kyle Porter

        Back, sorry.

        • Mark N

          Great uniforms. I love the gray. For some reason, I never liked out OSU logo on the helmet. Kinda looks cheap. I mean, I don’t mind the shape, but I think we could do without the 3D effect. As for the helmet colors, are the black and the gray helmet matte finish? Gun metal black?! kinda awesome.

          • Bobby D

            You prefer that goofy big O logo? I wish they would can that thing, a first grader could’ve came up with that. The oSu is a brand, like for branding cattle, hence a reference to O A&M which is an ag school and as a city boy I like that reference of people who worked the land and worked hard. oSu should never forget its roots, you want preppy go to Norman and or A&F, lol.

          • Mark N

            Once again, I do not mind the shape (oSu) I simpley think the 3D effects put onto that look cheap and done in MS word. Truth be told, I wish we would go back to the O A&M days.

          • Bobby D

            OK, I see what you mean now. Yeah, just the simple oSu brandmark is fine, I don’t care for the trying-to-be 3D look either.

        • Brady

          OSU get ticked? haha

  • Ron

    I think the new uniforms look really good!

  • PC_Cowboy33

    Sooner penis envy over uniforms is hilarious. No one give a hell what you squats think about our uniforms, you have those God awful queer MULLET ponies to worry about!

    • Brady

      I’m an OU fan, and those things give me nightmares. They look like horse-pig hybrids.

      • WhenISayGoTeamYouSayPokes

        Can’t wait to see them on the field.

      • Bobby D

        Much, much, much better than I thought they would be. A school should NEVER EVER give Nike free reign on designs otherwise you’d look like HALLOWEEN school AKA Oregone or get cookie-cutter uni’s along the lines of VT’s and Miami’s the past few years which are horrible!

        They should never combine white w/ gray, that is a combo that should be laid to rest like a wideout coming across the middle on a Mark Moore or Lucien Antoine!

        I’ve long wanted oSu to come out w/ a black helmet again. I wouldn’t go all black, not a big lover of monochrome uni’s unless it’s white but even then I’d prefer black or orange (hmmm, maybe not, lol) pants over white.

        Not in love with the stripes, I love stripes on pants but don’t like then they end in Nowheresville. And that thing on the side of the shoulder pads, what are those? I love those stripes going across the shoulders Ole Miss always has, those are classic, gorgeous uniforms that exudes class. Not in love w/ their helmets though.

        Overall I am pleasantly surprised we do not look like HELLOween uniforms! = )

        • Jerry MyCock


        • Well said on the gray and white combo, the pants stripes and the shoulder design. Couldn’t agree more.

        • Overall I think I like em! Especially once we see the real fitted Jerseys on the players. Gotta keep orange prominent no matter where we’re playing. All that said, its gonna be a good year! Go Pokes!!

          • Bobby D

            The black tops w/ orange pants looks nice. I have a feeling the reverse of that, orange top w/ black pants is going to be coldbusted ugly. My high school’s colors are the same and we do some color combinations for the baseball team that sometimes makes you go hmmmm. That’s why you don’t let the kids decide, hah hah. Hopefully these college kids will have better taste/judgement.

  • Jim

    I like keeping with as much tradition as we can while building something new and bold. I don’t like the all black or the gray. Too much Texas Tech look. However, I think the White on Black or vice versa works. I vote to stay with the real OSU orange numbers is the way to go. Like the ones we used in the Colorado game. I like the new stripes though. Its a new era for OSU football. GO POKES!!! WIN IT ALL!

    • I like the black on black. I’m not so sure about the white and gray yet. Things look different when they’re out there on the field.

  • orangestateofmind

    Very cool. I’m a big fan of these new uniforms.

    Pistolsguy you might not have liked the replica’s because they always suck compared to the game version. The replica’s do not have the same tight fit, have much longer sleeves, the numbers are screen printed on, etc. The small Cowboy’s font did not look very good on the replica’s either but it does not bother me much on the game version.

  • Whatever

    The whole thing has a very “new money” feel to it. And not in a good way, more in a “the a-holes who won the lottery and decided to flaunt their new Benzes in your face,” way. Oh well, I guess that describes the entire oSu athletic program anyway.

  • Kaci

    I love it all. Change is good!!!!!

    • I love the uniforms! I can’t wait to see them in action this season. Hopefully they will inject the same “steroid shot of optimism” as the comment above and it will give their confidence a little boost! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cragar

    Not a fan of the new uniforms. Didn’t we change a few years back with a new logo and all. I don’t like it when we keep changing uniforms and can’t create traditions. Looks too much like Oregon State trying to keep up with Oregon.

    • Rob Ahrent

      I am not really a fan of OK State but live in Fayetteville, AR and of the Big 12 I would probably root for Ok State before most other teams. Back when OK State had easily recognizable uniforms. Now with these crazy combinations, I don’t think I could stomach these. Too loud for my taste. I think Ok State is messing up big time

      • Bobby D

        Well, okay, you just cheer teams because of their uniforms? I won’t take offense even if your favorite team is offensive to Jews and Muslims, heh heh. Naw, I love the Razorpig, one of the coolest mascots around.

  • Colin

    look at our uniform history. we change uniforms every 5 years or so. change IS our tradition.


  • Jason

    To Cougar? I’m an OSU alumnus and what football “tradition” do you speak of? When is the last time we won the big 12, big 8, or won a January? What “tradition” is being ruined? I agree that OSU football has come a long way. I agree this season should be another great one. However, I don’t believe changing our uniforms bring an end to a prestigous tradition. At all. It wasn’t prestigous in the first place.

    • Marcus

      Holy Crap!!! That all black is ridiculous! I don’t get all the hate! The phantom pete makes me want to run up and punch a sooner right now. I love it all!!!!

      • bMyles

        Hahaha, he gets it.

  • Nick Reyes

    I love the new uniforms. I understand we are use to “Orange” but these uniforms are nice. Everything always changes just like how we use to dress from now to the 80’s. Different is good. I have heard that the player love them, so thats all it matters to me. With how football is getting better each year and one of the best facilitys in the nation, its good we are changing for the best. I love them and they look very good. If we are true fans, it don’t matter what we think, if the player are happy, we should be. GO POKES!!!

  • Blake

    What’s great is as an OU student/fan, I get to focus on our actual legit chances at winning a national championship while wearing uniforms that have been the same classic design for decades. My fanhood doesn’t have to be brought from the depths by some “state of the art” uniforms that will “give the team 500 possible combinations”. In the end, some of the combinations look alot better than OSU’s last 250 tries at changing the teams image. Tradition will always reign though, new trends such as these are what got us to affliction graphic t’s so I’ll sleep well being an OU fan, see you in November.

    • osu ’06

      you have issues Blake.

      • Silvershoes

        Oregon 2.0, Save the Black on Black for the OU beatdown you take again at the end of the year…..The Aggy Factor lives!!!

    • Bobby D

      That’s all fine and dandy and I personally like OU’s uniforms. I just can’t stand your preppy, arrogant, and too many frat and sorority stuck-up types that ruin a good university. I guess we could blame most of it all on the squid Texans that go there for one year so they can get into a “good” frat or sorority and then transfer to UT. Plus your fanbase, more than 50% who never attended a class in Norman, which I mistakenly did, and act as if it’s THEIR team yet wouldn’t fit in at OU. Not hating, just telling it like it is! = )

  • Blake is Dumb

    The game is in December Blake. Way to be a fan.

    • Kyle Porter

      I laughed pretty hard at this.

  • John

    Blake couldn’t agree more, ya’ll will look good on December 3rd getting trounced for what is this the 9th year in a row? For my entire life I have had to listen every July and August as these Poke fans come stammering out of the boondocks to tell me how this is the year and were finally gonna get it done, spare me! Get some hardwear in your trophy cases before you start running your mouths, and im talking trophies of the crystal variety, not the Alamo Bowl. As for these uniforms,I can admit they are sharp, but yet again just another ploy the administration to distract people away from the actual mediocre product being shoved in our faces on a yearly basis. So for the 100th time go back home little brother your not ready to run with the big dogs.
    Boomer Sooner!

    • osu ’06

      Get a life, John

  • OrangeNation12

    All my razorback friends are impressed. They’ve got a pretty neutral eye. I think we should be proud of the new gear. And if OU fans give you crap who cares. Thats what they do. I’d be kinda worried if it ever stopped.

  • Tricia

    DO NOT DO THE BLACK THING AGAIN!!!!! It’s just never good when they wear the all black uniforms. And as for the “phantom Pete” thing, looks too much like Cowboys 4ever and we all know how well that went over!

  • Jster

    What does T over the V stand for on the shoulder pads?

    • Bobby D

      Tech Virgina, heh heh. I dunno, I don’t like that either.

  • JJ Bubbles

    SICK!!!!!!!! they move to top 10 best uniforms in country in the snap of finger. Epic Duds

  • twinsmom

    I love the new uniforms! The all black, all gray and the gray on white are my favorites. Not a fan of the black on orange. I also love the Phantom Pete. Looks like he’s pissed and ready to rip somebody’s head off. Maybe one of the sooners on here. Why are you on OSU boards anyway? Seriously.

  • emmitt mak

    I think that the photographer was high or something. His focus is bad, and his ‘dramatic’ lighting does a dis-service to the new uni’s. I look forward to seeing a photo shoot with good phhotography, or seeing them in person.

  • Jessie


  • Rage


    Traditional powers wear traditional uniforms. The wannabes have to trick em up so people won’t realize they suck

    YeeHaw………Ride em Cowboy!!!!!!!!!!

    • FreeMason10

      That comment must have taken some deep thought Rage. Being a “traditional power” means less every day. I’m pretty sure any knowledgeable college football fan wouldn’t associate the term “suck” with a top 10 program. That comment applies to Oregon, as well. So apparently their uniforms sneaked a “sucky” team into the national championship last year. Please bring your insight to the PFB more often. It’s always welcome!

      • Rage

        “Traditional Power” only means less to those who haven’t experienced greatness. And as for Oregon, paying street agents snuck them into the NC game. It’s a good plan, OSU should try it. Lord knows, you guys need to do something, because jackin with your uniforms every few years doesn’t work.

    • Bobby D

      Well, Boise State has some lousy uniforms and oops, what did they do to you?

      • Rage

        They did nothing to me? You are mistaken me for a Sooner. I tell it like it is.

        I speak the truth. And those uniforms are a fitting tribute to Stillwater. They both suck

    • Marcus

      I get that heritage programs like to keep it old school. WHATEVER! Yeah, Oregon and Boise State must have sick uniforms to distract their fans because they suck! Times and uniforms change. If it they didn’t, we’d still be wearing those gay looking cutoffs from the 80’s.

  • DHodges13

    If these Nike pro combat uni’s are only a gimmick for mediocre teams with no tradition, why did ou wear them? Surely such a tradition rich program is above that…

    • Rage


      I seem to remember them kickin you arse in Stillwater wearing their bread and butters. They wear the same unis every year, and get the same results………..a W

  • Beasy11

    Trying to keep up with Oregon I assume? LOL Look for other teams very quickly in the near future to follow suit

  • CLDuck

    I like your new unis. Please don’t show Oregon State.

    The next step is to change them up every two years. You gather the juniors and seniors and let them have a say in what changes will be made. Now you have buy-in from the players. I’ve heard several Oregon recruits mention that they thought it was cool that they would get to design the new unis when they were upperclassmen.

    Magically, the new unis will begin to win games for you!!!! Ok, that was a lie, but the case could be made that it is true for UO. Probably just a coincidence. Good luck this year.

  • CLDuck


    The only player that might come under the “street agent” heading is Lache Seastrunk, and he hasn’t played a down for Oregon yet. LaMichael James came all by himself, although he knew the “street agent”. The Ducks didn’t sneak into anything. They blew out USC and Stanford, they earned it and came within a whisker of getting the whole package.

    Some say that Chip Kelly set this whole thing up as a way to expose the recruiting practices in Texas. HS coaches won’t give film to schools outside of Texas but they will to the Univ of Texas. Oh… that isn’t good for you either. When Oregon ‘snuck’ a couple of good recruits away from Texas, they went on the attack. Now it may backfire. Let us all hope. If you were only 5-7 last year, you would want to deflect seome attention too.

  • bMyles

    Man, the Gooner football blogs must really suck right now for all these idiots to be on the PFB running their mouth about the same old crap.

    Or maybe it speaks to the quality of this blog.

    It has to be yes to both.

  • LP

    One thing I love about the new younees….the old school OSU on the helmets…
    Say no to flames….love the classy, classic , strong, solid logo….

  • WashingtonDC_Duck

    Uniforms are great. I like them, and they’ll certainly create a buzz amongst high school student athletes who you are trying to impress – not 68 yr old old school alum living in Tulsa.

    As an Oregon Duck, I’ll admit sometimes I HATE our uniform combos they create. Like the National Title game uni’s, my oh my those were not my favorite. Highlighter yellow? Yikes. However, more often than not you will find that they are pretty great and again, recruits love them.

    With Oregon’s close ties to NIKE, they players love the fact that a few select upper classman leaders will get to help design uniforms. Oregon does have the country’s top Sports Marketing program and a Top 20 business school – so maybe that wont be duplicated in Stillwater, not sure.

    Please don’t pass this along to Oregon State, heavens that would be awful.

    Do your thing in the Midwest, and Go Pokes.

  • They are going to look good loosing. LOL. Go sooners

    • PC_Cowboy33

      Lawl…very creative bradley. Now, get back to stroking off to your Bob Stoops Fathead. Loser.

    • Marcus

      Do I have to say it? Okay, I will. You donkey, you misspelled losing. Good Lord! Nice education.

  • tnizzle

    Very hot! They will look great at the championship game this fall.

  • Renita

    the new uniform is awesome…love it….GO POKES

  • SweetnSourPoke

    It’s amazing how many gay men there are in Oklahoma.

    You’re arguing over CLOTHING, people. Who cares? Let’s play football.

  • Colton

    @ everyone in Norman
    look again, there is an orange top. make sure you know what your talking about before you go on other teams pages, spooner.

  • Colton

    And @ John, your telling OSU to put some trophies in their trophy case when OSU has over twice as many national champion trophies as ou does lol.

  • Colton

    and ou doesn’t have “traditional power”, someone like Alabama, who always won championships back then, and still do it now (2008) is a traditional power. not ou, who’s won one in the past 25-30 years. if it weren’t for football ou wouldn’t be a school.

  • Patrick

    Dear Oklahoma St.,
    You might that new uniforms make you guys a better team. Yet, in reality it doesnt. Trying to get people to forget about the last several Bedlam butt whoopings.These arent going to get you the number 1 spot preseason. That already belongs to the Sooners. Us Sooners will come on down to Stillwater and show you guys up at your house again. With the Big Daddy O & D.

    Sincerely to our neighbors that we have on a leash,
    The Sooners

    • Marcus

      Dear Patrick,

      If you use the term “butt whoopings” after the age of 6, you should probably slam your head with a car door until you work out all of the stupid. Just saying. True enough that our uniforms will not get us the preseason #1 ranking, but they also will not cause us to get a first class ass whoopping in BCS games either. Good luck with “Big Game Bob”



  • jim clark

    As an old Oklahoma Aggie and a Sooner (Bud Wilkinson era)fan, I think the design of the uniforms don’t mean crap!

    • Kyle Porter

      Thanks for your opinion!

  • Uncle Philly

    LSU: Lotsa Shoes University

  • Phantom Pete

    doomer gooner

  • Austin Davis

    I agree that these are a great combination of the 80’s look with an updated style. Honestly, I think they are the best looking uniforms we have ever had! Definitely a lot better than the most recent “pit stain” jerseys. The gray jersey probably isn’t the best, but it’s good, and the rest rocks! I love the Pistol Pete and stripes on the pants!

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