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The Pistols Firing podcast is back

Matt Amilian joins me to discuss what we’ve been doing this summer, future podcast guests, and Big 12 over/unders.



That’s right. After a hiatus that lasted longer than the Cotton Bowl against Ole Miss (a few minutes shy of forever) I’m back with the podcast and really excited about it.

Since I started my golf job I’ve really taken more of an interest in the radio/podcast medium (more on that on Monday) and I think (hope?) there’s a better market out there for the podcast this time around.

Anyway, Amilian and I talk about the Oklahoma media quite a bit in this podcast, discuss who we want to have on, and talk about the Big 12 over/unders.

I don’t think it’s live in iTunes yet (working to refresh the feed there) but for now you can listen straight on the site.


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