The Reload: Four-star Names OSU in Top 3, Former Arkansas Pledge Trending OSU

Written by Kyle Boone

The Reload is PFB’s recruiting recap catching you up to speed with the latest Oklahoma State recruiting news, with an ear to the ground for what to expect in the future.

Indiana hoopster transferring

Sophomore guard Curtis Jones, a former four-star prospect from Virginia, announced this week he will be transferring from Indiana. Jones was a top-100 prospect in the Class of 2016 who picked the Hoosiers over Oklahoma State, Georgetown and Cal in his recruitment out of Huntington Prep.

Widely viewed as one of the best shooters in the 2016 class, OSU could be a viable landing spot. And given the fact that he’s a mid-semester transfer (a la current OSU big man Yankuba Sima), OSU could pursue a similar outcome.

Granted, OSU was a factor under a different coaching regime. But given the likelihood that OSU needs to add depth at the shooting guard position, he would make a lot of sense for a coaching staff that has gone dry when it comes to recruiting the position for 2018.

Four-star names OSU in top 3

Class of 2019 four-star cornerback Tamauzia Brown named his current top 3 earlier this week — Oklahoma State, Baylor and Lamar. In his Twitter poll, the Cowboys won running away, for what it’s worth, and Cowboy pledge Tyrese Williams weighed in on the tweet by recruiting him via social media.

Brown is an under-the-radar 6-foot-1 find OSU offered long ago but is far from a secret. He’s got an offer from Southern Miss, too, and coming out of Newton in Texas, he’ll be uncovered nationally sooner rather than later. So for OSU to get its foot in the door early is certainly a good sign.

Former Arkansas pledge trending Oklahoma State’s direction

Rockwall-Heath cornerback Tanner McCalister, a three-star who decommitted from Arkansas in the wake of Bret Bielema’s firing, is trending in the direction of Oklahoma State.

According to 247Sports, OSU is now the favorite to be his landing spot with 62 percent of votes in OSU’s favor.

OSU has commitments from cornerback JayVeon Cardwell, athlete Jaelyn Nolan and Gabe Lemons as prospects expected to play at cornerback for OSU. But as far as true corners, Cardwell is alone, as Nolan is a quarterback and Lemons is a two-way player.

So while OSU is set at corner with A.J. Green and Rodarius Williams seemingly for the foreseeable future, the addition of McCalister would be a boon to OSU’s overall depth at a position that has been painfully thin over the last several seasons.

  • Adam M.

    Green and Williams need some youngsters of equal skill right behind them to be more effective. We have zero depth in the secondary and it’ll be worse next year with no starting safeties returning (not that they were particularly great in the back half of the year).

    • austinpoke

      After giving up 62, 42 and 45 points in the 3 games prior to the Kansas game, every defensive position should be up for grabs.

      Just because the returning corners started every game shouldn’t mean we’re “set” at corner.

      • Adam M.

        If anything the general sentiment is that we are far from ‘set’. I have no problem with it, but if a freshman comes in and takes a spot from a junior or RS sophomore I’ll be surprised.

      • champ

        A.J. is beast though but def agree including our coaching spots

      • POISON66

        Our defensive coordinator job should also be up for grabs. It’s a failed experiment

    • Jawbreaker

      We could also use more speed.

  • Pokeinchief

    Four star, and we are calling him “under the radar.” Is Brown a grade risk? Why would a four star recruit be down to Lamar (they have a football program), Baylor (2nd most pathetic team in the Big 12) and OSU (comically inept defense)?

    I hope we get who the coaches want, but calling everyone “under the radar” feels a bit silly.

    • Kyle Boone

      He’s got just four offers despite being pretty close to a sure thing as far as a prospect. Most players of his caliber are typically already discovered and/or blowing up with dozens of offers. His biggest offers are OSU and Baylor.

      • Adam M.

        Just curious, what is he lacking in the gamut of attention-getter data points for other schools to not be interested? Is Newton 2A? No recordable stats? HS coaches aren’t vouching for him?

        Crootin’ is wild.

      • Saucy Takes

        discipline issues perhaps bad feedback from team and community? I don’t want to recruit high risk people.

        • Jawbreaker

          I don’t think we would have offered him if he was potential discilpine problem especially considering Gundy’s recent comments about life being too short to coach as*****es.

          I did notice his prediction is 100% Texas, so something must be going on with them even if he doesn’t have an offer.

      • Chris Stover

        So what. he is a 4 star prospect. He’s not under the radar. He might be other schools leary for other schools slow but anyway.

    • Chris Stover

      Why is this site and OSU fans are obsessed with calling everyone under the radar. He is sa 4 star recruit a corner He isn’t under the radar at all.

  • David

    How is a four star CB down to us, Baylor…and Lamar?

    • Russell Wright

      He was probably a 3-star up until he had a blowup performance in the playoffs.

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