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The Rundown: Gundy Discusses Bye Week, Upcoming Game against Baylor

It wasn’t all Bedlam related.



STILLWATER — Not everything Mike Gundy said at his bye week news conference had to do with Bedlam (though that stuff is going to grab a majority of the headlines).

Here is a rundown of everything Oklahoma State’s coach said as the Cowboys get two weeks to prep for Baylor.

Opening statement

“Today is practice, tomorrow is practice, Thursday’s practice and then they’re off for the weekend until Sunday evening. So, gives us a chance to workout a lot of the young players. We had young players scrimmage at the start of practice. They’ll work another 10 or 12 plays or so at the end, and then base fundamentals and then start to get in a little bit of Baylor later on.”

On benefits some of the young players got from seeing action against Arkansas-Pine Bluff

“Oh, just being out there. They got a lot of reps in the fall, in the two-a-days, or fall camp I should say. And they can get lined up and function. So it gives them a chance to play and allows us to video, and allows their coaches to be able to coach them.” 

On how much he prepares the team for its first road game

“Not really. We work with sound all the time year round, as you know, we do it all spring, all camp, and I think that’s the best way to simulate playing on the road. Maturity is an advantage in playing on the road. Hopefully we can instill the similarities of playing on the road and home. Basically, it’s about 120 of us against 65,000 of them. So there’s not a lot of it, but we try to simulate sound and such into practice.”

On how much of last year’s film he watches on Baylor

“Study all of last year’s games and obviously this year’s games. Same staff, same coordinators, a lot of similarities. The game is going to look pretty much the same for the most part. If you took those two games, the way it’s played, they really haven’t changed anything they do and we haven’t really changed anything we do.”

On how much it helps getting film on Baylor in close game against BYU

“You know, what’s interesting is their concepts and schemes are the same. I’m fairly certain that from the outside looking in, he knows what he believes in in all three phases and that’s what they’re doing. Similarities across the board.”

On what he noticed reviewing film against Arkansas-Pine Bluff

“Our guys played good. They were focused. We were able to minimize some missed assignments. Our tackling was okay, not great. We still need to tackle better. It’s one of the concerns I had. I mentioned before the first game because we didn’t scrimmage really not at all. So I was concerned about that. We have to work really hard in tackling the next two weeks. But overall, pretty much what I saw.”

On decision to squib quick against Arkansas-Pine Bluff

“That’s been our concept for years. We just haven’t been in that situation. So, unless there’s a reason not to, chances are they’re not going to get it on the 25(-yard line), unless somebody catches it on a hop. They might get it on the 30. If you just kick it, it’s going to be on the 25. It’s just kind of a risk reward.”

On status of Brendon Evers

“He should be fine. I think he’s out here today. They might hold him some this week, but he’s doing pretty well.”

On Spencer Sanders

“He can do whatever he wants in our offense. We don’t back him off any. His first two years here we were minimal in some of the plays we called, because we wanted to put him in situations where we felt he was comfortable. And he’s had a lot of reps. So he’s comfortable with pretty much everything in our offense.”

On Braydon Johnson

“Well, he’s mature. He’s very appreciative of where he’s at. He lost a year and sometimes when we lose things that we have, that we all take for granted, you learn to appreciate it, and I think he feels that way. He’s working really, really hard. Those veteran guys — Tyler Lacy, and him, and Spencer (Sanders), and [Hunter Woodard], and Preston (Wilson), those mature guys, (Braden) Cassity — they’re working really hard. It really helps them on Saturdays.”

On how much of an advantage it is to have the receivers clicking

“An experienced quarterback and depth at receiver, linemen that can cover guys and having a little bit of depth at running back is what fuels this offense. So last year, we played without any depth a wide receiver, now we have a little depth at wide receiver, so we can attack somewhat different offensively, and not have to worry so much about fatigue setting in with guys on the perimeter.”

On Stephon Johnson

“They’ve got to get out there and play. You know how that is. We talked about this, when we have players, no matter what position they are, if they’ve shown in practice that they’re potentially capable of being productive in a game, we got to put them on the field. That’s the only way to find out, is to put them out there in a game, let them make mistakes, let them correct and get back in there and play more. So, we like what we saw with him. He seemed to handle the situation very well.”

On how the nonconference games prepared Oklahoma State for Big 12 play:

“You never have enough practices. Coaches always feel like they wish they had more practice. We’re still young and immature in spots and where we’re experienced at the other spots we’re playing really well. So, every practice matters for us and young guys need experience and reps and try to minimize big plays. Be good on special teams and don’t turn the ball over.”

On if he is satisfied with how much growth he has seen in those games

“Yes. If we’re evaluating the level of players we have due to maturity and how they’re growing in return, yes, I am.”

On whether Jake Springfield or Jason Brooks will takeover as full-time starter at right tackle

“We’d like to play multiple guys. It falls in the same category like the wideouts. If we have guys that are showing they’re good enough to play in game day, we need to play them and find out to see what those guys can do.”

On Dominic Richardson’s carries

“He’s going to be a 20-carries a game guy, somewhere in that area. Obviously that didn’t happen in this game, based on the way the game went early. Twenty-ish, somewhere around that area. That’s where he’ll be.”

On if added receiver depth allows the offense to run more spread, up-tempo

“It gives us flexibility with personnel groupings, is that what you’re talking about? It gives us way more flexibility in playing fast. So, we’re fortunate now with a very experienced quarterback and depth out there with guys that can run a lot. And last year, we missed that. So we were just limited to some things we could do. Right now, we’re fortunate enough that we don’t have limitations.”

On Brett McMurphy’s Bedlam Report

“I wrote some notes up on that.

“The first thing is we gotta, one, quit talking about it. I mean it’s over, right? Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna do this: I’m gonna give you guys a chance to challenge me. I’m going to state facts, and if at any time I say something that is not a fact, you guys can stop me. I think that’s fair, right? Isn’t that what we want.

“OU’s officials were in negotiations with the SEC for months and months before anybody in this league and the conference knew about it. … No objections? … During those multibillion-dollar conversations, I wonder if Bedlam was ever brought up at that point instead of the money? … Bedlam is history. We all know that. We’ve known that because OU chose to follow Texas and the money to the SEC. It’s OK. … Is that a fact? … So now we’re having, what I think are childish discussions, in my opinion, over something that’s done. I would like to make this the last statement I have because I have no hard feelings. But what’s going on now is almost a situation with a husband and a wife or a girlfriend and a boyfriend when you know you’re dead wrong and you try to turn the table and make them think they’re wrong when Oklahoma State has no part in this. We didn’t have anything to do with their negotiations with the SEC. We didn’t have any choice on choosing to leave the conference. They did.

“So everybody needs to get over it and move on and stop trying to turn the tables. It’s somewhat comical that they still want to bring us into the equation. I want somebody here to give me one example of what Oklahoma State had to do with this. I’m listening, really. I’m not the head coach; I’m just a guy on the street. I just want somebody to tell me what one thing that myself, Chad Weiberg, or Dr. (Kayse) Shrum, or our regents had to do with any of this going on. So let’s not turn the tables. Let’s just say, ‘Hey, look, we chose to follow Texas to take the money, and we’re going to the SEC.’ It’s all good, but let’s quit talking about it, and let’s talk about football. That’s the way I feel about it. No hard feelings. And I like Joe C., but it is what it is, right? We gotta quit beating around the bush and call it the way it is.”

On liking Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte

“Yeah, but we don’t hear anything about him. Chris is trying to figure out a way to spend all the money that he has in his budget. So he’s busy.”

On if he would want to see Bedlam in other sports continued

“Those things are over my head. So, one thing I do not have to worry about is what the other sports do. And it’s all irrelevant for a lot of reasons, I think we all know that people have kind of been beating around the bush instead of just calling it what it is. And I hope this will end it from Oklahoma State’s stance. If Dr. (Kayse) Shrum and Chad Wiberg and the other head coaches and then Joe Castiglione, and whoever makes the decisions down there to play the other sports, I think that’s awesome. But that’s not something that I play a part in.”

On if a TV company offering to pay both schools money to continue the series would change things

“I said this in Dallas, and I said it about a month ago. If certain television networks come in and say, ‘We’re are willing to do this for that,’ then administrators are gonna make that decision based on money. That’s not a decision I’m involved in. If Chad Weiberg or Dr. (Kayse) Shrum comes to me and says, ‘Look, this has been worked out based on an exorbitant amount of money, I’m gonna say, ‘OK, I get it.’ I’ll do whatever I’m told.”

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