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The Six Best Quotes Following OSU’s Season-Opening Win over Missouri State

You’ll never believe this, but Bundage’s comments on sack celebrations tops the list.



The postgame interviews were more entertaining than the lopsided 58-17 finish to OSU’s season-opener on Thursday night.

Chuba Hubbard spoke to the media and told a great story about L.D. Brown’s long run, Jim Knowles compared Taylor Cornelius to Eli Manning (!), and Justice Hill re-lived his 93-yard scamper that came up just shy of a TD.

Let’s look at the best of the quotes from postgame.

Jim Knowles on his own nerves

“I had some nerves, I had some butterflies. I thought getting out and seeing the crowd and the walk, I thought that was really helpful to me because it was great to be in a place with all that support.

“The fan support here makes you feel so much better and energized. It helps our players and a new coach like myself too, just helps with your confidence.”

Knowles compares Cornelius to Eli

“I know they’ve had great ones around here, but Corn Dog, he’s a strong-armed, confident, can’t fool him a whole lot. Reminds me a lot of Eli Manning when we used to go against him at Ole Miss. Every defense has a hole, and that’s what Corn Dog is good at — finding that hole. Eli was the same way.”

Chuba Hubbard on LD’s long run

“I told him, ‘Once you see your hand go like this, it’s gone’ [motions left hand up to face]. I knew it. Once he hit that sideline, it was over. I was so happy for him. I was trying to run on the field, but J.D. and J. Hill were like, ‘Chuba get back here!’ I got a little too excited.”

Bundage on if the Conor McGregor sack dance is retired

Gundy shows love to his kicker

Gundy loves to have a kicker who can boot it into the end zone, so he raved about Jake McClure’s performance from Thursday. Which seems like a very Gundy thing to do, and I love it.

“I’m fired up about the kicker,” said Gundy. “It’s nice to have somebody who’s booting it in the end zone. He’s fairly consistent.”

Gundy on dove hunting this weekend

“Tomorrow they’ll have a day off other than film, we’re not going to practice. Saturday they’ll be off. Then we’ll bring them back to practice Sunday. I might try to dove hunt a little bit, but it’s been pretty green and lot of rain, I’m concerned about whether the dove are going to land.”


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