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The Strangest Run Play from Saturday



Oklahoma State put down 230 total rushing yards on Saturday, and lead back Chris Carson lead the way with 104 of those to go along with two touchdowns.

Raymond Taylor was also a pleasant surprise in the run game. Despite only receiving three carries, he looked fresh out of the backfield and was able to break a 58-yarder that went for 6. Taking a look back at the film, this was by far the strangest run play of the day.

As soon as Taylor hit the line of scrimmage, the defensive tackle (No. 97 for UTSA) appeared to come up limp and wasn’t even facing the right direction.

At the top of the screen, Lundblade had a decent block, but the defender gave up on the play until he realized he had good position. But it was too late.

At one point in the play, two Cowboy offensive lineman – Brandon Pertile and Jesse Robinson – were both on the ground. Robinson appeared to fall and bring down Pertile in the process.

Despite the initial impression, the play was not blocked anywhere close to perfection, the defense simply had terrible position and weren’t able to step up to stuff the hole.

Regardless, the play gave the Cowboys another touchdown and some extra confidence in the running game. But what a strange play.


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