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The Top Five Football Recruits from Mike Gundy’s First Oklahoma State Class

Zac is one of them, but I bet you can’t name the other four.



We recently looked at the highest-ranked player from all of Mike Gundy’s recruiting classes, and there was response that we should expand that out to cover more years and more players. So here we are.

First up, Gundy’s very first class (a throwback!) as we look at the top-five ranked players from the class of 2005 (whooo boy, this is going to make me feel like an #old).

1. Ryan McBean: 4-star
2. Jeremy Broadway: 3-star
3. Quinton Moore: 3-star
4. Zac Robinson: 3-star
5. Ricky Price: 3-star

OSU had five top-500 players in the 2005 class, which is four more than it had in the 2020 class (but I’m not here to talk about the present).

McBean was actually the No. 4 juco player in the country and went on to have a five-year career in the NFL with the Broncos, Steelers and Ravens (he won a Super Bowl in 2012 with the Ravens). He lived up to the hype, and given Gundy’s entry point (beginning of 2005 with singing day right around when he was hired), a player of his caliber was a coup.

Broadway, Moore and Price all had nice careers with the Pokes. If you’re like me, you’re old enough to remember Price when he spelled his name rIcKy pRiCe on Facebook (if you know, you know).

All three of those guys could play on a 2020 OSU team.

Zac’s career speaks for itself. He was recruited by Arizona State, Kansas State, Colorado and Colorado State before ultimately committing to and enrolling at OSU. He’s the, what, fourth-best QB in school history?

Two other players who were in this class who were ranked a little lower were Andre Sexton (the goat!) and Jacob Lacey (who actually, along with McBean, may have had the longest NFL career of anybody in this class).

I can already tell this is going to be a rabbit hole of a project for me, but also a fun walk down memory lane. We’ll roll through every class leading up to the most recent one as spring practice gets closer and closer.

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