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The Underrated Storyline



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You want to know the storyline this week that nobody’s talking about because we all have our heads so far up Bevo’s butt that we don’t even know what conference we’re in anymore?

That ABC gave LSU and West Virginia the 7 PM kick on ABC and slid OSU and Texas A&M to the 2:30 slot.

One team beat the Aggies at Kyle Field last year – Missouri…and that game kicked at 11 AM.

Two teams beat them at home in 2009 – OSU (11:30 kick) and Texas (at night…but they also went on to play for the title).

The point is – a #8-ranked Texas A&M team at Kyle Field in a 2:30 game sounds 1000x better than 85,000 white towels whipping in the thick central Texas air at 7:30 as the sun sets over Olsen Field.

At 2:30, you can minimize the crowd (as much as A&M’s crowd can be minimized), especially since the temperature will be a soul-sucking 95 degrees when the teams take the field. As a visiting team you can kind of use that to your advantage. Score a couple early in the first, keep the crowd at bay, and hold on for dear life in the second half.

At night though, in 75 degree weather, with seemingly the entire city of College Station swaying back forth, lulling Weeden and Blackmon into their semi-lucid Kyle Field trance while the 12th man goes for the juggular?

Yeah..that would be a below average situation for our university.

The video below is nothing I want any part of on Saturday. So thank you to the powers that be at Disney for banking on Les + Dana getting a higher rating than two of the best teams in the country. This Oklahoma State blogger is forever grateful.

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