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Three Candidates Who Could be Considered for OSU’s OC Vacancy

Two names to watch, and a wild card to consider.



With Sean Gleeson officially following the footsteps of John Calipari’s understudies, going one-and-done in Stillwater as the Cowboys OC, Mike Gundy has a search on his hand. Again. For the second time in as many years, the offensive coordinator job is vacant and must be addressed in the offseason.

Who might fill it? Long-time receivers coach Kasey Dunn has been retained, increasing the likelihood he’ll get a raise — but sources have indicated to PFB it likely won’t be as the play-caller. Dunn may get an expanded role as passing game coordinator with an influence on play-calling, but the expectation is that Gundy still has to tab someone to fill Gleeson’s role — either as OC or as a co-OC.

Nothing is imminent, but there are names floated about in the OSU world that make some sense (and some that might not). Here’s who we’re keeping an eye on in the coming days (and weeks).

1. Todd Monken

Monken was on Freddie Kitchens’ staff with the Cleveland Browns, and with Kitchens’ ouster, his future appears murky. He has obvious ties to OSU with a close relationship to Mike Gundy and experience calling plays at OSU earlier last decade, and he’d be the pick if fans had a say. But his desires remain unclear.

The NFL life suits Monken, and he likes the NFL life. He’d likely have to turn down other NFL gigs to make a return to OSU possible — which, to this point, isn’t being ruled out. Moreover, salary may be a hurdle. He made several hundred thousand more as the Browns’ OC than Sean Gleeson did as the OSU OC. If OSU were to bring him on, they’d have to pony up (and it’d be 100 percent worth it for the quotes alone).

2. Kasey Dunn

Last season with an OC vacancy, Gundy hired outside the organization with Josh Henson and Kasey Dunn — aspiring for bigger roles — on the staff. This season with an OC vacancy, Dunn’s already flirted elsewhere and appears to have achieved a promotion. The extent of that promotion, however, remains to be seen — and may not be clear until Gundy fills the job.

If OSU misses on Monken and Gundy doesn’t have another Division 6 coordinator he wants to call up to the big leagues, Dunn would make a lot of sense as the OC. He’s been one of the best recruiters on the staff over the last decade and his infectious personality — which includes a ton of swagger and some F You energy — would make him a natural fit. He’d let it hang as a play-caller, and you know given the way he’s recruited receivers that he’d have a ton of faith in throwing the ball downfield often.

3. Bodie Reeder

Reeder went one-and-done with North Texas as its OC, with Seth Litrell firing him after one year. But 1.) his OSU ties make sense (he was on OSU’s staff as as QB coach/quality control), and 2.) Prior to UNT, he led Eastern Washington to the FCS national championship game a year ago with one of the most explosive offenses in the country.

This would probably be a longshot option, but it’s certainly one Gundy and Co. could consider.

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