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Three Milestones Chuba Hubbard Can Reach in a 10-Game Season

Can Chuba pass Barry?



With only 10 games this year, it’s highly unlikely Chuba Hubbard will be able to track down some of the awe-inspiring season records Barry Sanders or Thurman Thomas set at OSU.

However, Hubbard is on the precipice of firmly cementing himself in Oklahoma State’s record book, and here are three ways he can do that in a 10-game 2020 season.

1. Crack the Top Three in Rushing in Program History

Entering the 2020 season, Hubbard isn’t even in the top 10 rushers in program history, but that will change after he gains 90 yards.

From there, he can start shredding up the list.

Here are the top five rushers in OSU history:

  1. Thurman Thomas — 5,001
  2. Terry Miller — 4,754
  3. David Thompson — 4,318
  4. Kendall Hunter — 4,181
  5. Barry Sanders — 3,797

Entering his junior season, Hubbard has ran for 2,834 yards in his career. In 2019, Hubbard ran for 161.1 yards a game. If he did that in 2020, he would finish the year with 1,611 yards, bringing his career total to 4,445.

2. Top 10 of Total Offense

There are only two running backs in Oklahoma State’s top 10 players in terms of total offense in program history: Thurman Thomas and Terry Miller.

Hubbard needs 1,692 yards to join that group. That means he would need to average 169.2 yards a game in these 10 games to crack the list.

Here is that list in full:

  1. Mason Rudolph — 13,646
  2. Zac Robinson — 10,175
  3. Brandon Weeden — 9,110
  4. Mike Gundy — 8,272
  5. Josh Fields — 5,984
  6. Tony Lindsay — 5,528
  7. Tone Jones — 5,341
  8. Thurman Thomas — 5,034
  9. Terry Miller — 4,977
  10. J.W. Walsh — 4,953

Hubbard has 3,261 entering 2020.

3. A Program Record for Rushing Yards in a Game

This one would be a bit of a stretch, but 2019 showed us that this is at least a possibility.

Hubbard ran for 296 yards against Kansas State as a sophomore, 36 yards behind Barry Sanders’ 332 record he set against Texas Tech in Tokyo.

Hubbard’s performance put him sixth on OSU’s all-time list. Sanders owns four of the top five games with David Thompson holding the other.

A reason this could happen is the fewer games. With less games, Hubbard could (hypothetically) receive more carries per game. It took him just 25 touches to do that to K-State. At 11.8 yards a carry, Hubbard would’ve only needed four more carries in that game to break the record.

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