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Three Records Cade Cunningham Can Break in His One College Season

Cunningham vs. Marcus and Jawun.



Logic would say that the best recruit in Oklahoma State history has the chance to set a few records in his one year in Stillwater, so that’s what we’ll look at today.

Here are three OSU records Cade Cunningham could break in 2020-21. A lot of this is under the assumption that the college basketball season is played in full this school year, so here is to hoping the pandemic doesn’t also snatch this away.

1. Marcus Smart’s Freshman Assist Record

In the 2013-14 season, Marcus Smart wracked up 139 assists in his first year out of high school, but that record could be in grave danger in 2020-21.

Isaac Likekele nearly surpassed Smart’s total two years ago when he finished his freshman year with 126 assists, but Cunningham could clobber it.

As a senior at Montverde last season, Cunningham averaged 6.4 assists a game. That multiplied by 32 (the number of games OSU played last season) comes out to 204.8 assists.

Now, I know what you all are thinking “The Big 12 is going to be a little different than high school ball,” and you’re right, but Cunningham also only played 22 minutes a game as a senior because Montverde was winning by so much.

On the Nike EYBL circuit last summer, Cunningham averaged 5.7 assists a game, and that’s the same amount he averaged during the FIBA U19 World Cup last summer. That multiplied by 32 is 182.4 assists. Still different than Big 12 basketball, yes, but that’s more than enough evidence to prove Smart’s record could been in danger.

Doug Gottlieb owns the Cowboys’ season record regardless of class with 299. That could be tough for Cunningham to reach, as I imagine he’ll be called on to score more than Gottlieb was.

2. Marcus Smart’s Freshman Free-Throw Record, Maybe Byron Houston’s Overall Free-Throw Record

One thing that won’t change in Cunningham’s transition from high school/AAU to college will be the 15 feet the free-throw line is away from the basket.

Cunningham hit 75 percent of his free ones last summer in Greece, meaning he would have to get to the foul line about 223 times this season to pass Smart’s freshman record of 167 makes.

I could see this happening because with Cunningham’s 6-8, 220-pound frame, there won’t be too much guards can do to defend him near the basket other than foul him.

There’s also a chance he could near Byron Houston’s junior season and OSU’s overall record. Houston made 223 foul shots in 1990-91. At a 75-percent clip, Cunningham would have to get to the foul line about 298 times this season for the required makes.

3. Jawun Evans Freshman Single-Game Point Record

If Cunningham is getting to the charity stripe that often, there is a chance he approaches or passes the 42 points Jawun Evans put up against Oklahoma his freshman season.

With his ability to make plays for others, Cunningham probably isn’t going to be a guy who goes for 25 or 30 a night, but to snag Evans’ record, all it would take would be one night where a team might think its best to have Cunningham try to win with his scoring.

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