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Throwback Thursday GIF: Beating Kansas State in 2003

Some dreary weather but a pretty great day to be a Cowboy.



There was a time, youngsters,[1. I feel like I’m 68 right now instead of 28.] that it actually meant something in Stillwater to have a number next to your name in the ESPN box score graphic. I know that 2013 is not that time, but let’s go back to a year that was.

This was 2003, a game against ranked Kansas State that OSU wasn’t supposed to win.

Lester emptied his bag of tricks though and out came one of my favorite plays in school history: The “over the head toss” fake field goal from Sky Rylant to Luke Phillips.[1. Sky Rylant has to be in the running for “best placeholder names in the history of college football.”]

Then we got a Josh Fields strike to Gabe Lindsay who was in his 293rd year as a student athlete.

OSU ended up winning 38-34 and had 5.7 yards per play which, at the time, we though was pretty cutting-edge stuff.

Fields was 12-21 for 190 and two (JW would get booed out of the stadium but we thought 13 was the next Joe Montana), Tatum Bell had 28 for 143 and two, and Rashaun had six for 118.

Quite a day at Lewis Field.

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