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Tournament Contest update



After the first two days of the tournament we have a two-way tie on the PFB bracket challenge for first place. Ross M. and Gavan J. both nailed 28 out of the first 32 games although I’d probably give Gavan the advantage going into the weekend since Ross had Georgetown in the Elite 8.

Ross picked the East and Southeast brackets perfectly and Gavan nailed the West and Southeast. I don’t really understand how anyone could look at the Southeast (that’s Pitt’s bracket in case you’re curious) and say “yep, I’m getting all 8 of those right.” I semi-panicked about 29 times at 11 AM on Thursday as I re-arranged every single game and shuffled my Final Four teams out of that region. I now have Wisconsin over BYU to go to the Final Four even though I don’t really feel like either of those teams are going to win today, so that should be fun. Bracketology – where indecisiveness and women picking teams based on ridiculous criteria happens!

Oh, and I’m tied for 88th place in case anyone was wondering. Mrs. Pistols’s bowl picks dominance isn’t continuing either as she stands tied for 150th out of 160. Q is tied for 53rd.

HERE are the full standings.

As for our fantasy player draft, this is how things look after the first 32 games.

FreeMason10 – 110 pts.
Q – 96 pts.
Nolo – 91 pts.
Pistols Guy – 85 pts.

You can see the full standings HERE.

I’m not real concerned about being in last after the first round. My team is built to go deep into the Final Four and rack up 2x points when they get to Houston. Sullinger, Singler, and Marcus Morris all had very 1st roundish point totals as their #1-seeded teams spread the minutes around to keep them fresh for the weekend. I’m looking for another big outing from Leonard today against Temple and on a scale of 1-10 of how scared I am that Gibbs and Pitt are getting bounced today by everyone’s favorite Cinderella (Butler) I’m at like a 92.

FreeMason10 is not in a very good place with three of his five guys exiting stage left after game 1. The Talor Battle gamble came within an awkward leaning Temple J of paying off in a big way but the St. John’s (and Dwight Hardy) loss is killer. He basically needs Kemba to lead UConn to a title to have a shot at winning our little competition.

Q’s team is sitting good. He cashed in on his Jordan Harper/Richmond wager and it could continue today as Richmond is actually favored in their round 2 game against Morehead St. By the way I’m blatantly ignoring the NCAA’s request that we call the first weekend “round 2” and “round 3.” It’s not, they’re the first and second rounds guys, nobody cares about the “first four.” Anyway, back to Q, if Pullen and KState can down Jordan Taylor and the Badgers today I think he has to be the frontrunner going into the Sweet 16.

Nolo avoided disaster in round 1 as Brandon Knight finally got on the board with 5 seconds left against Princeton. To have your third round pick go down without scoring against an Ivy league team in the first game would have been devastating. If he can somehow will BYU to the Final Four I think he wins this thing because Jimmer’s point total is going to be ridiculous.

Hope everyone is enjoying the best weekend in all of sports. I’ll be watching games all day for the next two days so @ me on Twitter if you want to talk tourney or anything Oklahoma State.

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