Tracking the Big 12’s contenders

Written by OKC Dave
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Now that most teams have 10 games under their belts, we can take at how the Big 12 contenders are doing.

First, let’s use Ken Pomeroy’s rankings as an indicator of how the season is going. This is each team’s ranking over time so far this year:

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 7.01.48 AM

OSU was ranked #4 coming into the season. We dipped as low as #6 and were at #1 for about a week before the Memphis loss dropped us down to our current ranking, #3.

Kansas started out #8 in Pomeroy’s rankings, but got up as high as #3. Losses to Villanova, Colorado, and Florida dropped them down to #13.

Iowa State hasn’t lost yet, so they have steadily climbed from their pre-season #39 spot up to #22.

Baylor has only one loss – a good one, to #7 Syracuse on a neutral court. Still, Pomeroy’s system hasn’t been thrilled with the Bears. Their close wins over South Carolina, Charleston Southern, and Dayton have pushed Baylor down to #36.

OU started out #77, but jumped up quickly with the win over Alabama. Since then, they’ve mopped up on weak competition and lost one to Michigan State on a neutral floor. Still, the big margins the Sooners are winning with have impressed Pomeroy’s system, moving them up to #51.

Best Wins

OSU: #15 Memphis (101-80)
KU: #19 Duke (94-83)
ISU: #13 Iowa (85-82)
BU: #11 Kentucky (67-62)
OU: #43 Alabama (82-73)


OSU: #15 Memphis (68-73)
KU: #4 Villanova, (59-63), #31 Colorado (72-75), #12 Florida (61-67)
ISU: none
BU: #7 Syracuse (67-74)
OU: #16 Michigan State (76-87)

  • OSU-Bill

    Really strong showing showing from the Big 12 in pre-conference play. Even bottom-ranked TCU sits at 197 with 6-3. I don’t subscript to Penpom. I assume the Big 12 currently has the highest or one of the highest conference rankings?

    • @okc_dave

      The Big 10 stands up high above the rest, but the next three (including the Big 12) are in a tight race for 2nd. The Big 10 has 5 teams in the Pomeroy top 25.

      1) Big 10 – .8316
      2) ACC – .8013
      3) Big East – .7942
      4) Big 12 – .7939
      5) Pac 12 – .7762
      6) AAC – .7418
      7) SEC – .7401