Tracy Moore weighs in on the OSU QB situation

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Tracy Moore is usually a good quote and he spewed several gems on Sunday, unprompted mind you, about the JW Walsh/Clint Chelf QB situation at Oklahoma State.[1. I think this needs to be downgraded from a “situation” to something else. There’s now a clear starter and a clear backup but I think people are probably going to still talk about it. Should we call it a “discussion”? A “status”? I’m at a loss.]

Here’s what he had to say via Twitter:

Hmm…so whose fault was it?

Blame you?! What did you do?

Were people bashing Chelf? If they were, that’s silly.

This is true though I’m not sure anyone needs blame.

But, uh, that’s kinda it for Chelf, no? Theoretically, barring an injury…

Pretty interesting stuff from 87 on 4 and 10. Remember Moore was the guy who guy who said this about Chelf in the preseason:

I think he’s gonna have one of the best quarterback years that pretty much any quarterback has had.

  • JeffB

    Good for 87. Being a Leader. To recap.. “Nice W… be glad not sad… no bashing …. but if to bash, bash me… The Choo Choo will be back…..”
    Great job. Great, great job.

  • Laith

    I just hope we learn more about the qb situation with the next 2 easier games and our offense mesh more as a unit. I had many concerns watching that saturday, especially with what was to happen at qb after that but at the same time, it was only the first game. I have to keep telling myself that.

  • Tayvl

    So where are the disrespectful tweets? What exactly is he referring to here? I don’t follow a BUNCH of people, but I haven’t seen any tweets slamming Chelf yet.

  • Scott H

    Very interesting. Proof the guys DO read what is tweeted and written about them. Maybe it would serve us well for all of us to spend more time writing bad things about Blake Bell and Johnny Football.

    • Scott H

      If Blake Bell were the size of a normal human he would suck worse than he does now.

    • Scott H

      If Johnny Football and Miley Cyrus were to reproduce, it’s all over for the rest of us.

  • Sean Flanagan

    All that’s missing is a Come after me… I’m a Man” tweet.