Travis Ford says basketball has completely changed

Written by Kyle Porter

Travis Ford spoke pretty candidly about the new college basketball rule changes on Monday at OSU’s season-opening press conference.

The changes essentially boil down to the fact that there will be fewer (if any) charges called and that defenders won’t be able to touch (literally) offensive players with the ball who are facing the rim.

I’m all in on the rules, mostly because I’m sick of watching un-talented big men sling it off the backboard and guards hold each others wrists for 40 minutes en route to these hideous 51-49 games. When your football team consistently scores more than your hoops team, something needs to be done.

I want my college basketball games to be in the 80s or (gasp) 90s and I think these rule changes play into OSU’s hands anyway with, maybe, the exception of Smart. He’s such a physical player (especially on defense) and if that’s taken away from him I’m curious to see how that affects him — we don’t need any more “pick up three fouls in 11 seconds at West Virginia” incidents.

Anyway, here are some of the better Ford quotes (my comments in non-italics):

“It’s going to change the game more than anything’s changed the game since maybe the three point line.”

I think that might be…um…maybe a bit hyperbolic.

They want more offense! They want more offense!

You can almost see him dotting his sentences with exclamation marks!

“We were told there are no charges!”

Eddie Sutton would have resigned over this.

“He told our guys ‘don’t try and take a charge’ try and be a shot-blocking team.”

Ford’s response: Start Brian Williams at the four.

“We understand defense wins and we have to learn to play great defense within the rules.”

This is kind of always the point, yes?

“Our head of officials looked at our whole team and said ‘you are going to get all the 10 and 15-footers you want.'”

Markel might average 22 a game.

“We had a 30-minute scrimmage and after that 30 minutes was over we had 70 fouls called.”

I do wonder who was calling these fouls. Did they bring in the football team during its bye week? Pay some real officials to come in? If it’s the latter that kind of begs the question “If Big 12 refs can be as bad as they are during real, televised games, how bad are they during not-for-TV scrimmages in an open gym in Stillwater?”

Historically bad, I’m guessing.

h/t Andrew Carter

  • Nate

    Hahaha of course you would be for this crap.

    These changes are embarrassing. Sooo… Because offenses suck, let’s change the rules! Are you kidding me?

    Smart will foul out of every game this year.
    Hope you enjoy a free throw contest all game, but hey, at least we’ll have more offense! What a joke.

  • Nate

    I can just see Kyle being that guy that calls for a foul every time he’s touched in a pickup game.

    This is just another example of the pussification of a sport.

    • Schultzy

      What are other examples?

      • CRJ

        Nate isn’t a real account, OKC Dave and Amilan take turns getting drunk and posting under that account.

  • Jameson Reynolds

    I would agree that this is a pretty lame rule change. The lack of offense we see in college baskteball isn’t because of the rules, it’s because of the talent level of the players and the way the game is played/coached. If you want offense you need to watch the NBA, that’s where all the talent is and teams are put together around superstars.

    I love college basketball and it’s a fun sport to watch, but if they want it to look more like the NBA then make the rules as similar to it as possible. Start with a 24 second shot clock, that’s more offense right there immediately.

    • Jameson Reynolds

      Another rule change would that would garner more offense would be to go to 4 quarters instead of two halves like the NBA. The way fouls reset in the NBA also speeds up the game tremendously. Early foul trouble can totally cripple your team as well as slow down the college game to a screeching halt.

  • kevin

    i don’t like this at all… too many fouls will be called. Unless your team is a solid 15 deep – you may end up with games featuring 3rd stringers by the end of the 2nd half because everyone else fouled out (for playing basketball?!)…No more charges? No more post defense? this makes players like a Nick Collison have less value in the game… (and we all love Nick Collison, yes?!). And what happens when these players go on into the NBA? They will suck at defense.

    Bad. For. EVERYONE!

  • Towski

    For me, this is a giggle…

    Larry Eustachy bemoans new emphasis on touch fouls.

  • David

    How about college basketball just sucks in general? That’s why I don’t watch it…

  • Jason Christian

    I gotta say, I’m a big proponent for this rule change. I never liked watching set plays, fast breaks, great offensive penetration, dribble drive, pick and roll, the wheel, or solid defense. Nope, I prefer to watch an entire 40 minutes of free-throws. This rule is complete crap.

  • Matt Richards

    I agree with Travis Ford these new rules will change the game more than the three point line did. Check out my blog “How 3-pt Line Changed the Game”