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Twins Bryson, Blaine Green Name OSU Among Final 10 Schools

Could OSU land another set of twins in 2021?



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Four-star receivers Bryson and Blaine Green, twins from Allen, Texas, released top 10 lists over the weekend, with both naming OSU as a finalist to land their services. Here’s a look at who the two are and who OSU is contending with for the 2021 standouts.

Who are they?

Bryson Green, 6-1, 203, ????: Last season for Texas powerhouse Allen, Bryson caught 36 passes for 503 yards as a junior, adding two receiving scores — a sharp decline from his nine-TD breakout as a sophomore in 2018. He was clocked last year at a Nike event with a 4.70 40-yard dash time.

Blaine Green, 6-1, 204, ????: Bryson’s regression last season was Blaine’s progression. After catching just 16 passes for 192 yards as a sophomore, Blaine burst onto the scene last year, catching 51 passes for 971 yards and eight scores. He has been clocked at 4.68 in the 40-yard dash as recently as spring of 2019.

Familial connections

Given that Bryson and Blaine have a near identical offer sheet, the cat’s out of the bag: they’re a packaged deal. Good luck separating twins. So that’s been the pitch from schools: come together and we’ll welcome you both.

Minnesota may have the upper hand in that pitch, though. Blaine and Bryson’s older brother, Seth Green, is set to be a senior at Minnesota in 2020 — the year before the twins will arrive in college. So while they wouldn’t get to play with their brother, they could perhaps follow in the family footsteps. Seth has brought down 13 touchdowns the last two seasons.

Contenders to land the twins

Bryson’s finalists are Auburn, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Baylor, Nebraska, Minnesota, Virginia Tech, Texas Tech, Mississippi State and North Carolina.

Blaine’s finalist are … exactly the same.

Right now OSU is leading in both their respective 247Sports crystal balls, but it’s still early in the process. Teams will inevitably fall out of contention while others enter the mix late.

Why getting both is important for OSU

Obviously if you get one, you probably get the other. But OSU needs both. Landon Wolf, Dillon Stoner and Tylan Wallace are entering their senior seasons so 2021 should shape up to be a fairly important receiver class on the recruiting trail to backfill their scholarships.


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