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Tyreek Hill Scores Three Historic TDs For Chiefs In Win Over Broncos



What do we do with Tyreek Hill? It’s a question we have discussed a lot behind the scenes when we’re talking about what to write or post about. It is something I have personally thought a lot about. I thought Nolan had a good tweet about it on Sunday evening.

Just because Tyreek went to OSU does not make his actions any better than Joe Mixon (or anyone else who domestically abuses another human being). In fact, they were likely much worse. It is insane to think otherwise, and yet I think sometimes a lot of us can’t help but think otherwise at times.

Tyreek Hill is certainly not to be celebrated as a person. There will be no digital statue built of Tyreek the former Poke or current Chief. But the reality here is that Tyreek did play at Oklahoma State. He did partake in one of the great Bedlam OSU football moments ever. He is doing quite well in the NFL. And at PFB we write about former Cowboys in the NFL. That is part of our site. It is what we do.

There is a space for sports news devoid of the routine lionization of our athletes, and I hope that’s what you see this as. Tyreek Hill is a former Cowboy, and for now we will still post on newsworthy things he does. Maybe that’s the wrong place to land on this, but that’s where we are right now. Here is a thing a former Oklahoma State player did. And then we move on.

Hill was punished. Mixon was (sort of) punished. We can argue about the severity of those punishments forever (both within the collegiate context and under the law), but unless you think both should be in jail for the rest of their lives then the natural order of life is getting a job as an adult, likely for both in the NFL where your work life is written about. That doesn’t erase or minimize the past of course, and that’s not what I’m saying. My hope for both is their stories help ease the burden of domestic abuse nationally. NFL stars have real voices when it comes to stuff like that.

The real moral here for me (and with Justin Blackmon and so many others) is that we should never lionize folks we don’t know (and even ones we do) to begin with. But that’s another post for another time.

Hill scored three TDs on Sunday Night Football as the Chiefs beat the Broncos 30-27. He now has seven TDs on the season. He became the first NFL player since Gale Sayers in 1965 to score a rushing, receiving and return TD in the same game. He has as many NFL TDs (7) as Justin Blackmon and Rashaun Woods combined.

That’s nuts.

“If the ball comes to me, I’m going to make the play,” Hill told the Kansas City Star. “I mean, you just have to find a crease, so I did it.”

The most interesting part of all of this for me is how Tyreek is perceived nationally (and in Kansas City) as his star continues to rise. Should he even be allowed in the NFL? I have no idea. I’m certainly not condoning or championing his choices.

But he did do something that hadn’t been done in 50 years on Sunday evening. He scored a TD in three different ways against one of the better defenses in the NFL. That was a thing that happened. And then we move on.

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