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Uni Predictions: Bedlam

We’ll see white jerseys for sure but what else will the Cowboys have in store on Saturday in Norman?




Welcome back to what will likely be the last of our uniform predictions this season (sadly).

Southwell: I’m going with W(alt. Bronc)-W-W. Let’s see those socks one more time this season.

Cunningham: They’ve surprised me every week on the road lately. Everything seems in play, especially with all of the helmet options. My preference: Chrome-white-orange

My prediction: They have yet to wear all-white. All white with the helmet with the black brand and stripe. Can we just call this helmet “Chelf”?[1.They debuted this helmet in the game of Clint Chelf’s life. (2013 Baylor)] That’s much less wordy. I’ll go Chelf-white-white.

Southwell: Haha I like it! But I feel like that’s reserved for the road bowl game combo. Maybe this is our bowl.

Porter: I’m definitely feeling the Chelf-White part but I’m going to go orange pants. Probably because I want to see it more than anything.

According to the Oklahoman’s uni machine only Carson’s combo has been worn.

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