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Uni Predictions: OSU-Kansas State

What looks good across from purple?




Uni predictions are here for Manhattan…

Kyle: I really wanted to throw some gray in but for some reason I always see OSU wearing orange in Manhattan.

Southwell: Chrome-White-Orange. Sorry I didn’t have time for the other roundtable this week 🙁 Hopefully that never happens again. ESPN should do a 30 for 30 featuring me in regards to the athletes who go pro in something other than sports.

Carson: Chrome-White-Orange is my prediction as well. They wore O-W-O the last trip to Manhattan, which is when these helmets debuted:


How long ago does that seem? 6 years? My, the helmets have come a long way. While I would love to see them get weird and wear Black-White-Gray, or something new, this is the best pick.

The updated, chrome helmet would make O-W-O would look sharp.


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