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Uni Roundtable: Ranking the OSU helmets

We also pick the best uniforms from each conference this week.



Welcome back to the Uni Roundtable where Carson Cunningham, Justin Southwell and yours truly break down the college football fashion report. Let’s get to work.

Porter: Let’s do something a little different this week — since OSU didn’t play last Saturday let’s get things cranking with your personal top 5 helmets in modern-day OSU history.

You can use this as a guide but don’t forget to add in the new ones from 2014.


1. Black Matte

image1 (3)

Matte Black is tough to beat. It goes with everything and looks good in day or night in any venue. The BCS sticker adds to the value. I only wish dark visors were permissible in college football.

2. White (regular)

image2 (1)

This is the helmet I think about when I hear someone mention OSU football. It isn’t the greatest helmet in the world, but it really looks great with our base jersey-pants combo for home and away.

3. Carbon Fiber (R.I.P.)

image3 (1)

Carbon Fiber doesn’t scream, “We’re Oklahoma State!” But it does say, “We’re about as close to Oregon as anyone else, so come play for us if you don’t want to move so far from home.”

It looks amazing with the white facemask, but it could work with a black facemask for a home game in the black jerseys. It should be required that OSU wears these once a year. Hello, Uni Heisman.

4. White (alternate)


The evolution of this helmet has been phenomenal. Who knew a black facemask and a black stripe could make an already great helmet even better?

5. Old-school OSU


The throwbacks at the top of the list now. Let’s be honest though… The only reason these are Top 5 is because of Thurman and Barry.

Just so you know where I stand, I have the Bronc Rider at 6 and the Chrome at 7.


1. Black Matte


No frills, just perfection. The black, matte finish just makes this thing look the meanest. I prefer the brand on the helmet above all else which makes this my clear No. 1.

2. Chrome

image1 (4)

All the frills. This is the perfect 2014 helmet. They addressed every need and want: Chrome lid, chrome face mask and large Pete. Round of applause.

3. White (alternate) Kye+Staley+Baylor+v+Oklahoma+State+IEbZEK9R7Hxl

I’ve always preferred the white helmet with a black brand. Then they threw on a stripe for good measure to put it over the top. I dislike white face masks, too, so this thing is right up my alley.

4. Bronc Rider 

images (9)

Much like the chrome iteration, they nailed this thing. The “Aggies” on the front and “Oklahoma A&M” is just tremendous. This should be the Homecoming helmet every season.

5. Carbon Fiber 


I didn’t like these when they debuted (white face mask look soft to me) but it’s really grown on me. Even though we haven’t seen it in eons.

I can live with the white face mask on the road because it goes with the road jersey so well. But if you throw a chrome face mask on this thing it’s in the conversation for No. 2.


1. Bronc Rider: It was stunning when it debuted and I’m not sure it can ever be touched. It’s just perfect.

2. Carbon Fiber RIP: I just don’t understand not going to it over and over again. It’s like having Tyreek in the backfield and running draw plays to Desmond Roland all game. Des is great but you have Tyreek!

3. White helmet, black brand, stripe: Serious question here — does OSU have the best five-combo helmet game in the country? What other schools are even close? Isn’t it between Baylor, OSU, and Oregon and doesn’t OSU probably win?

4. Slanted OSU: I’m not sure if this counts as “modern day” (it looks like something out of the 1930s) but the slanted OSU with the stripe down the middle is incredible. Shades of the old GIA court from the 1980s.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.46.54 PM

5. Black Matte: It’s such a classic look and it goes with everything. Remember when we were in school, Carson, and everybody used to talk about how cool having all black uniforms would be?[1. You college students do realize we used to wear just orange or white every week, yes?]

Now we have 9 million combinations and we sort of yawn when we go with the black helmets. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re still tremendous, we’ve just grown accustomed to them.

Give me your favorite threads (one team) from each of the power five conferences.


6. Independent: Notre Dame

image1 (5) Obviously they’re the best out of the Independents, but Notre Dame is close to the top overall.

Under Armour has given ND some alternate threads which aren’t that impressive, but their traditional look is pure gold… and some blue and white.

5. B1G: Penn State

image2 (2)

Penn State represents the Big Ten perfectly with their plain, boring uniforms. I’m a huge fan of Michigan’s helmets, but I can’t pick an Adidas team.

I feel like Ohio State’s oversized numbers take away from a decent uniform. Michigan State was a close second, but Penn State comes out on top with the clean look.

As funny as the B1G-Penn State joke is, I have to be serious. I can’t believe I’m saying this. Michigan has the best uniforms in the Big Ten. Adidas is trying to find a way to ruin them, yet they’re still the best threads to come out of that conference.

image1 (6)

Forgive me.

4. SEC: Mizzou

image3 (2)

Mizzou’s alternate yellow jersey looks really cool with the tiger stripes look.

I’m not sure what their away jerseys are doing — where are the tiger stripes and what is that grey all about? Their helmet vector is top-tier.

3. ACC: Florida State


FSU changed those hideous helmets from earlier this season and it made all the difference in the world. Nike tried too hard with the sleeve design.

These barely made the list because Clemson has some quality uniforms, but I can’t put Clemson ahead of the tomahawk helmet stickers.

2. Big 12: Oklahoma State

image5 (1)

It’s not really close. I’ve found myself nodding my head in acceptance of a few things here and there from Baylor, and Kansas State has a sharp look.

But OSU has pulled away from the competition like Tyreek with some of the helmets they’ve busted out in the past few years — and the socks from homecoming.

There have been a few repeats, but this might be the best year of uniform combos from the Pokes.

1. Pac-12: Oregon

image6 (1)

This was harder to pick than you might think. The Pac-12 is loaded with awesome uniforms (pretty much everyone except Washington State and Utah).

I wouldn’t be surprised if Carson picked Colorado. I’ll go with Oregon because of their ongoing reign as college football’s best dressed, but I’m not crazy about their two-toned shoulder wings this year.

Porter: How much time did you spend on those photos? Does your employer know you downloaded and used Photoshop for 10 hours on Monday?

I’ll go with these:

ACC: The U

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.14.06 AM

I’m a sucker for the green and orange. It’s perfect together and though they’ve wobble a bit of late the wheels aren’t totally off yet. They get this on the early 2000s alone. Sneaky darkhorse second is Clemson, by the way.

B1G: Michigan — I really want to say Michigan State because I think Adidas is doing awful things to the maize and blue but the Mona Lisa with a mustache is still the Mona Lisa.

Big 12: Oklahoma State — I’m not objective so I’d like to hear from somebody who is but I think it’s between OSU and Baylor and I’m obviously not going to pick Baylor in that scenario.

Basketball unis are a different story, by the way. Adidas is somehow out-Nike-ing Nike with their Kansas work.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.08.00 AM

SEC: Georgia Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.10.07 AM

Their red is different than everyone else’s red. LSU is a close second for me but Georgia is the king.

Pac-12: Is there even a question?

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 11.11.24 AM

Southwell: Probably a little longer than I should have, but at least it was after work hours haha!

This had me thinking, one of these days we will have to rank all of the Big 12 uniforms.


ACC: Duh. Even with Nike altering a Mona Lisa, they are still the best in the conference.

image1 (7)

Big 10: The Ohio State image2 (3)

I’m not a big fan of their new alternates. Just give me their classic home uniform in November with all the Buckeye stickers.

Big 12: Oklahoma State image3 (3)

I wanted to pick K-State, I really did. But OSU’s variety of options was too much to overcome.

SEC: Georgia

image4 (1)

This was the toughest call of the bunch. LSU’s purple, at night, is really tough to beat. But UGA’s homes are classic and just a great color scheme.

Perhaps the best use of gray/silver in the country.

Pac 12: I do love Colorado going back to their roots, but they aren’t topping Oregon. No one is.

image5 (2)

Porter: Any parting thoughts?

: I would just reiterate what Justin said: This has been OSU’s best uniform season. If they rock Black-Gray-Black they will have hit for the cycle.

Southwell: I’m wondering if there will be anymore new helmets this year. Black Bronc Rider? Bronchrome? Can’t wait to see.

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