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Uniform Predictions: Bedlam

What threads will the Pokes wear on Saturday?



After 11 weeks of the regular season, the rout is on. Justin Southwell is torching the rest of us and essentially has this thing locked up with two games to go. Here’s a look at the standings before we get to our picks for the most important game of the year.


Bedlam Picks

Justin Southwell: I went back and forth on picking white-orange-white and black-orange-black for this game. It would be a little odd to see the Pokes go without WOW. Orange jersey more of a lock than anything else this week considering we have only seen the orange jersey one time this year (Homecoming). The last time that happened? 2011. I really want to go with the 2011 combo of black-orange-black for two reasons:

1. 44-10
2. Because it would be cool to see the Cowboys finish this season with B/B/B, B/G/B, B/W/B, and B/O/B. Give me B/O/B with the brand (Oklahoma State’s best helmet), and Beat/OU/Baby.

Kyle Porter: I panicked and went all-orange with the helmet from the OSU-Texas game earlier this season. I don’t know why. This is a terrible pick and you shouldn’t listen to anything I say (except for the 10 thoughts, still read the 10 thoughts).

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 6.23.33 PM.png

Carson Cunnigham: I’m going with what they wore the last time OSU beat OU in Stillwater, black-orange-black. But they can’t wear the Ed Hardy helmet just twice this season. They spent all that time re-working them. They’re going to wear them again. I’m going BOB although I could see them going back to all-black.

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