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Uniform Predictions for Oklahoma State-McNeese in Stillwater

What threads will the Pokes wear on Saturday in Stillwater?



Following last week’s drubbing by yours truly, we’re back at it with uniform predictions for Week 2 and Oklahoma State’s home opener. Here’s a look at where we stand after one pick this year.


Porter: 3 points
Southwell: 1 point
Cunningham: 1 point

Carson Cunningham (WOO): We haven’t seen much tri-color at home — which I would love to see — but I think they’ll go back to the white-orange-orange well. I’ll go with the brand on the helmet with the black stripe down the middle and the black facemask.

Kyle Porter (WOW): OSU almost always opens with white-orange-white at home, and I’m thinking they run back the Tulsa openers from 2017. Patriot Pete on the lid with the classic orange-white jersey-pants combo. ?

Justin Southwell (WGW): Dating back to 2013, OSU has always worn all black following the appearance of all white. I’d imagine that streak is over since wearing all black against McNeese would be a waste of a great look.

But I don’t think we’ll see the traditional home opener uniform of white-orange-white. Since the release of the new uniforms in 2011, OSU has deviated from W-O-W in their home opener only twice. In 2011 we saw white-gray-white and in 2018 we say white-orange-orange.

I’d love to see OSU come out in white-gray-white paired with the chrome brand helmet they wore against Kansas last season. This gives them a chance to bounce back in the gray jerseys in a game that fans won’t get too upset about seeing gray against an opponent.

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